Sunday, October 16, 2016

Austin Zoo & Longhorns

Austin Zoo!

Last Monday the boys had a day off from school so we decided to head up to the Austin Zoo. I found a groupon online so it worked out great. It definitely wasn't exactly a zoo but more of a sanctuary with a few big cats there but the boys didn't care- they loved it and I actually really enjoyed having a day with them home! They chose to eat lunch at Chick-fil-A and play on the play place instead of riding the train ride there. Since the boys are in school all day and I'm busy at home with my schooling while the babies take long naps, we haven't gone to a play place since this summer still living in Utah so they enjoyed it as a definite treat. Shaddie came out with a huge bruise on his forehead- of course. Since we were in Austin we stopped by Savers to find a few things to finish our Halloween costumes and it was 50% off day! Exciting, I know ;). I found a bunch of Longhorns stuff including these adult size shirts- the boys were so excited. Ever since TJ and I told them we didn't have pajamas when we were little and we only wore our dad's big shirts, that's all they want to wear. So it was a good day with tigers, chicken nuggets and $1 Bevo shirts!! :)

Levi is still obsessed with tigers. He got a little mini tiger from a happy meal and named him "Cutie."

We fed the goats and sheep there. The boys were very disappointed because they wanted to take a picture with the kangaroo to send it to Jordan. There was a sign that said he was gone and the boys figured Jason the kangaroo went to Australia to welcome Jordan there this week. They also were excited to take pictures with the llamas there for dad but they were too far away across the fence. :)

Making their pig noses by the pig. 

Hook 'em Horns! Shaddie practiced for 2 days straight to be able to do that. He's always saying, "TEXAS!" and some form of hook em horns whenever he sees Bevo (about 20 times a day around here). 

With the weather not being so blazing hot I've been running outside more for my exercise. I'm trying to still give these babies time to be toddlers and not just living in a bigger kid world by taking time to play at the park with them and things like that. They were in heaven on the swings. Benson likes to try to 'run' in them and kicks his legs so fast- it's pretty funny.

This picture sums up Shaddie- loud, crazy, running and keeping up with the big boys.

Three different bruises on his head from 3 different falls- oh Shaddie boy!

Buda is such a cute little town next to Kyle.

Levi loves Mrs. Sparks so much. He's always writing her cards and drawing her pictures of them together :) Kindergarten has been SO good for him!! 

Happy because he gets to stay up late with Mom and Dad and watch a movie! 9.5 months and standing everywhere!! 

Benson felt left out because he was the only one wearing black... ;)

So at the little fall festival, the Kyle ER had a booth set up and I struck up a conversation with the hiring manager. She gave me her card and told me to email her my resume. I also interviewed at TJ's work several weeks ago and got the job there and have just been waiting for my background check to go through. But I haven't heard anything from either of them in quite a while so I'm starting to think my answer (once again ;) is that I shouldn't work right now. I was really excited about the Kyle ER one but with TJ working so much- a very unpredictable schedule I might add- it's probably not the smartest move. So once again, I'm even more thankful I'm already doing my masters as it's giving me a sense of purpose and fulfillment in the middle of this limbo, chaotic, unpredictable future that I'm living in right now. Heavenly Father knew I'd be struggling in this situation without it. I'm at home more than I ever have been before in my life. There's no need to be out and about much and my babies sleep and take great naps at home. Shad will easily sleep from noon to 3 pm when it's time to go and pick up the boys. Sometimes even starting at 11 am. So even though it seems like crazy timing to be doing it it was exactly the right timing and just what I need. It will fly by and help make this weird transition period fly by as well. I'm grateful for a loving Heavenly Father helping with me something that wasn't 'necessary' but just adding to my comfort and sense of self. I know I was guided to find the random UofA pop up add on (where I was doing my continuing education)  and ACT on it. I'm so glad I did and know it was the Spirit urging me along and helping TJ to see I needed this. Right now I have this quote hanging above the computer to give me motivation and I love it:

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."
-Thomas Edison

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