Thursday, September 8, 2016

Reading and Football

I feel like we're starting to settle into a good routine around here. I've been waking up at 4:45 am to go workout before making breakfast and getting the boys off to school. It's sooo nice to have TJ take them on his way to work. They are gone from 7am- 3 pm. During that time we do errands if needed in the morning and then I do homework during glorious naptime. After school if the boys hurry and do their chores and homework, we go swimming for about 30-45 min. I'm really surprised at how much better little swimmers they've become by the daily swimming! They are getting braver and Levi decided he's done with his floaties. Ty loves his flippers and swims everywhere. Even though apartment living is hard (third floor, being quiet and not running around/making noise) the pool helps make it all do-able. Plus, this is all temporary. What's also so nice is that after swimming is dinner time and then bedtime- there's no time at all for TV. It stays off all week from Sunday to Friday which I think is so good. The days are going by quickly!

Last Monday we played Candyland for our FHE game. The boys thought it was soooo fun. We also had a lesson on pornography. I wasn't sure how it would go but it ended up being one of our best lessons we've had. We watched the little 5 minute video put out by the church- all 3 boys were silent during the entire time and watched intently. Then we were able to have a serious but light-hearted, matter-of-fact discussion about it. I love how the church gives us so much to teach our kids with and that these types of lessons don't have to be filled with dread or so much negativity. 

These boys LOVE to read- I often have to tell them to STOP reading. Ty has read the entire Magic Treehouse series in about 3 weeks. Levi is starting on them on. They love to lay out all their books in order and see which few they still need to collect. Grandma  Wengert often sends a surprise package in the mail with one of the few they still need- Ty will read it within the hour. :)

This kid's favorite place to be. He is so big now, he takes up my entire lap. He's wearing 18
month clothes. Don't mind my sweats on under my dress before church. 

Labor Day was a pretty relaxing for us- we're so busy during the week that it's pretty enjoyable to just relax a bit and stay home. The boys were so excited to wake up and watch the Texas Longhorns college football game. I was actually quite shocked that Ty watched the entire 3 hour game that went into double overtime! He was so into it and I have no idea what brought it on! I had to keep reminding him we still like AZ Wildcats too ;) We celebrated them winning by going to HEB and finding a Longhorns shirt on sale for $8- he was ecstatic and the boys already decided how they would share it :) All day long I kept hearing, "Hook 'em Horns!"

You can see our lovely living arrangement- folding tables and chairs, no couch and one reclining chair :) We make it work!

Levi's Recent Sayings:

- Justification for wanting a snack: "Mom, I have a small tummy. And when I go potty, my food goes out and it makes me hungry again. I really did eat my food.  I did! I just don't know why but I'm hungry so can I have a snack?"
- "LOOK! A smoking man!!! But it doesn't mean he's a bad person, it just means he doesn't know the gospel."
- "I just don't know why babies are SO amazing."
- "Our T-ball team is called the hankies." (Yankees)
- Levi told me they painted at school. When I asked him what he painted he said, very matter-of-factly, "Beautiful things."

I'm actually enjoying having this kid at home all to myself while the older boys are at school. He's grown up a lot these past few months and it's fun to have conversations and be able to reason with him. He's turning into a good, sweet little boy.

Shad's Recent Sayings:

-"Momma yo!" means Mom, Look! Yo = Look
- Poor Shad is constantly wanting his shoes on since Benson flies along in his walker at crazy speeds and jams into your feet. Shad is always walking by sidestepping the walker or running away from him.
- We were working on his shapes when I asked him what the triangle was. He said, "temple!" Now he's always saying he loves triangles and temples.
- When I asked him what he wanted for lunch he replied, "Bubble Gum."

This was at 10 am. This is the problem with having all 3 boys sleep together- Ty wakes up too early and wakes the other boys up. Poor kid just fell asleep like this while having a snack. Or maybe praying?? :)

The boys all had dentist appointments which meant Shaddie had his first one. He did so good even though he had me hold his hand the whole time. He felt so grown up and big to be with the boys. 


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