Friday, September 16, 2016

Jordan's Farewell

Last weekend we made a CRAZY quick trip to Arizona for Jordan's farewell- just a 26+ hour drive, no big deal. We left at 2:30 pm on Friday after work/school and got into Marana pretty late. Then we enjoyed all day Saturday there and then left around 3 pm on Sunday afternoon and drove through the night. We got to our house at 5:30 am!! It was awful, horrible, never-want-to-do-it-again drive but it an awesome trip, SO worth it and I'm sure we will do it again, ha! Jordan gave an amazing talk and Ty and Levi both sang in the youth choir with the big kids. We worked on the EFY medley song for 2 weeks prior and they had it down perfectly. It was so cute watching them up there sing their little hearts out, looking like tiny little missionaries. Brought tears to my eyes and made the trip worth it. Plus I loved the example to my boys- both boys were very into everything Australia, looking at pictures and asking Jordy all about mission-related things. So good for them. They love her so much and will miss them but I'm grateful they'll be able to send cards, letters and mention her in their daily prayers. There couldn't be a stronger example to teach and prepare them for their own missions someday.

We only took the very basics since it was such a short trip and it was crazy trying to get ready, pack and out the door. With school and my school and TJ's work, things are just very hectic. So the only thing I packed for them to do was a 50 cent giant coloring book and a new pack of crayons that were a quarter. Gave them that along with a cookie sheet as a desk and that entertained them for hours. They also LOVED watching me color pictures for them- they liked that more than themselves doing it. Every few seconds they'd ask to see it and were SO impressed by my coloring skills!! If you ever need an ego lifted, just color with my boys. 

TJ and I decided the only way to get through this crazy of a trip was to use the boys' sleeping time to our advantage. We purposely drove as much as possible during the night. In that sense, it was awesome. SO much better than driving during the day. But then that meant us, trying to stay awake. Not fun. On the way there we drank a case of Dr. Pepper knock-off brand from HEB (Dr. B) and neither of us are big soda drinkers. By the time we got to Sierra Vista we both had to go to the bathroom but didn't want to stop the van since the kids wake up if it stops. So we took turns going as the other person slowly kept driving around the parking lot. Once we were done I just kept driving since we were so close to home and TJ had driven the whole way so far. Neither of us had slept because we had to keep the other person awake and with the infant carseat you can't lean back- which means no comfortable position to sleep in anyways. So we were driving and just talking trying to make it through the last hour when suddenly out of NO WHERE a giant, adult, pink, domestic, farm PIG is running across the road!!! Not a javelina, but a giant HOG. We didn't see it until it was next to the driver's front tire and it was literally for less than a second that it was in view and then it was gone. We both gasped in disbelief- it was over so quick we both weren't even sure if it really happened. If TJ hadn't of seen it I probably would've doubted myself- it was that freaky weird and quick. I seriously think it was inches away from our car- I wouldn't be surprised if we nicked it's tail or something. My heart was pounding and I was just washed over with immense gratitude for our protection. If we would've hit that thing there would've been extensive damage to our vehicle and to us- I'm sure of it. This thing had to weigh a good 500 solid pounds and I'm sure it would've gone up to the windshield (our brand new one that we had just paid lots of money for) hitting us in the face or flipped our van- it seriously would've been so bad and I'm just grateful for the power of prayer because I know there were many prayers for our safe travel. 

On the way home there weren't any pigs but two huge bloody noses and Shad kept crying which would make Benson cry. They kept going back and forth for hours. Then the awfulness of staying awake. TJ and I each took 5 hour energy drinks at different times and that helped a ton. But it was still so hard. We got home, took a 45 min. nap, got the older boys to school (they slept the entire time) and came home and all 4 of us slept until 9:30. It took a few days to recover!

Saturday morning swimming with the Beau Beau.

Shaddie and Beau have gotten to be good friends, even if Shaddie is always calling her a baby because she "doesn't wear underwear."

The day before we left we were finishing up Alma in our Book of Mormon reading (big deal- it's taken us forever to get through it). Ty's favorite scripture hero is Teancum. He thinks he is just the coolest war hero and saves the day every time. Well, we were reading Alma 62 where Teancum gets killed after murdering the wicked Lamanite king and as I was reading I look up to see Ty sobbing because "my hero has died!!" I tried really hard not to laugh or smile- it was just so cute! After a lot of explaining that he's in heaven and that all the scripture heroes are dead because it was from a long time ago, we're much better and can talk about Teancum without tears. This boy can be so tender-hearted sometimes! Especially when it comes to spiritual things :)

President and Sister Ludwig and Julie and her kids were in town this same weekend and they heard it was Jordan's farewell so they came!! It was so good to see them!! Pres. and Sister Ludwig are off to South Africa on another mission- so exciting!

Both boys start Tball with Hays County- at first I thought it seemed a little intense but now it's awesome. Each team has 4-5 coaches so these boys are getting amazing coaching. Plus they have practices 2 days a week. I absolutely love the feel of small town baseball parks. Brings back a ton of nostalgic memories from growing up at Marana Park.

Every night I find that Levi has moved up to Ty's top bunk and they are snuggling- very close and sweaty and clammy- ughhh!! :)

I took the sister missionaries to their district meeting in Lockhart last week. It was so fun to be around missionaries and to be needed by them! We thought the GPS was wrong because it was telling us we were here but we didn't see an LDS chapel. Eventually we realized there wasn't one-  the branch here met in this quirky little strip mall. It was so neat to go inside and see and refreshing to be outside of the 'bubble' and in the real world again- I love it!

Bens and Shaddie are to starting to play and interact. I'm SO glad they have each other especially since Ty and Lev are so close. Even though my dream would completely come true if I had a daughter someday, I love having 2 groups of boys. It's perfect and of course Benson needed to be a boy. :)

Levi's class read Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and came home wearing this- why are kindergartners just the cutest??!! 

While at home, I came across this picture. I've seen it before of course but I just love it. My Grandma Wengert looks so pretty and Tyrell is so tiny and fragile. This symbolizes the help that is coming from the other side on a constant basis. It brings feelings of reassurance and calm.

These boys have fun at Grandma's house because it's full of GIRL toys- something we don't have and none of our Utah cousins have. Benson barely fit in this doll stroller. We also end up watching Frozen 2, 3 or 10 times every trip because Beau is still obsessed. Shad is always muttering "Go away, Anna" and "Okay, fine" at the most random moments, causing us all to burst out laughing.

Australia Brisbane Mission 

Jordan is going to the same mission my Grandpa Allen went to in the 1950's except it was South Australia Mission back then. That little koala bear is one he brought home over 50 years ago.

Nice photobomb, Jake!

Benson and Gigi- 8 1/2 months old

Another major reason why we took the crazyquick AZ trip is so we could get a family picture. The last one is already missing 5 people. We went out to the ranch for it. We were dying in sweat but afterwards the sun was setting and it had cooled down- it was just the gorgeous desert beauty all around us. A bunch of us, including TJ and all my boys, loaded into the back of my dad's truck to check on the cows. It was crazy bumpy and not safe and kids seemed to be jumping out of their seats with each bump. TJ was holding onto me as I held Benson and was clinging to Dallin on the other side of me as we sat on the toolbox in the back. All the grandkids were on a wood bench we used for pictures. It was a moment that brought back childhood memories and made me so glad my boys were experiencing it. It also made the entire trip worth it and was a memory I never want to forget.   

Benson kills me in this picture- so gross!!! I love sending snapchats of the kids to TJ and Jordan- just fun to say hi and that they care.

I'm eating super strict and working out every day to try to loose the last 10-15 lbs. I give myself one year to get completely back down and the year mark is fastly approaching. When I'm doing my workout during the day, Benson gets whatever will make him happy and keep him situated so I can get through it!! Yummy soggy cheerios, tortilla and vanilla pudding cup!

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