Saturday, September 24, 2016

9 Months


This crazy kid is now 9 months old! And he wants to be and go everywhere and can't yet. He's very good at the army crawl on his belly but it hasn't clicked to used hands and knees. Benson LOVES the water and gets so mad when I get him out of the bath or swimming pool. He also loves his momma (and is extremely attached- like won't even go to dad), his bottle and running in his walker. He loves walking around the house while we hold onto his hands. No teeth yet but manages to eat any and all table food that he can, especially chicken nuggets with sauce, mac and cheese and cookies! Wearing all 18 months clothes and loves to snuggle momma. He's trying to pull himself up to stand but with our current lack of furniture he doesn't have much space to practice. :) 

Length: 29 inches = 77th percentile
Weight: 21 lbs 12 oz. = 83rd percentile
Head Circ: 47 cm = 94th percentile

I thought he was my biggest baby by far so I was surprised at his weight- he is SO heavy!! But Ty was 22 lbs 2 oz at 9 months so really, he's the same as Ty (his twin, from what people say all the time). 

This was only ONE oreo!!

Last week I got to go to the San Antonio Temple!! I LOVE it!! It's a small temple and I had to schedule a time for an endowment session because it fills up quickly. It was the most unique session that I've ever been to because I was the total minority- only a few people were english that didn't need headphones. The drive up wasn't too bad and I feel so lucky to have this temple close to us! I'm not sure how often we'd be able to make it up to Dallas or over to Houston.


Levi is really into being a cowboy and listening to cowboy music (country). He even had to call Poppa to talk to a real cowboy and ask him cowboy questions. He had to show us all how cowboys nap.

Levi's Recent Sayings:
- "I have a friend named Dustin but I call him 'Bro.'"

Shad's Recent Sayings:
- He has a pair of Air Jordan basketball shorts. Last time he wore them he kept saying, "Michael Jordan! Just like our Jordy Poo!"
- On our daily drives to school we pass a HOA swimming pool for Plum Creek. Without fail every single time we pass it, I wait for Shad to say, "That might be fun!"
- Randomly, Shad came up to me and said, "Poppa doesn't have any hair. It's all gone!"

These two are funny- Shad loves to tell Bens to take him for a ride and Bens will take off running. It's actually quite impressive how fast they go. Benson is freakishly strong!

Look who I ran into!! President Todd Polley  who was in the Tucson North Stake presidency during my teenage years. He is now the Mission President of the San Antonio mission. I was so excited when I heard they got the call because I knew we were moving so close by! They just started in July. He saw me from far off and tracked down my husband to ask him if his wife was from Tucson. It was really good to see him. He was probably one of the most influential male stake leaders of my youth. One of my best memories of him was at Girls Camp. We got into a pinecone fight on the 4th year hike and instead of telling us to stop he joined right in and didn't show us girls any mercy. He worked for the FBI so he was always super strong and he threw those pinecones as HARD as he could. It was awesome. Anyways, I enjoyed seeing him again and look forward to seeing his sweet wife as well.

These big dark eyes melt me :)

Bens' favorite thing to do- drinking the bath water. He spends half his bath time hunched over like this. 

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