Friday, August 19, 2016

What a week!

TJ flew back at midnight on Monday August 1st and that began our week of moving chaos! It was good to see him after 3 weeks of being gone but I was glad we decided to have him go early and start since he was loving the new job and excited about it. That Monday I had my 3rd exam for my stats class while trying to pack up the house. The only saving grace was that we had an offer the week before so no more showings!! That in itself made like 10 million times easier!! So grateful for that offer and we were praying like crazy the sell would go through.
TJ and I spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday packing, cleaning and loading up the Uhaul truck. Thursday morning I drove back into Salt Lake to take my final for my statistics course. I was SO glad to be DONE with it and glad I had stuck it out. I ended up getting a 91% in the class, which I was more than happy with considering the huge amount of busy work and how crazy of a summer it was with moving across two states and selling our house and starting a new career. Seriously, this class was the most busy work I've ever had in a class. It was ridiculous!! 
An hour after I had gotten home from my final the kids and I had said goodbye to our house and neighbors and were on our way to Las Vegas for the night. We stayed in a hotel there and went on to Mesa, AZ the next day to get ready for Derek and Emily's wedding. We stayed in a hotel across the street from the temple since the wedding was at 9 am Saturday morning. The rest of our family stayed there too and the boys had a BLAST swimming at both hotels. I had to drag them out of the water since they wanted to stay all day swimming. 
Seriously, such a HUGE tender mercy that the boys did SO WELL on the drive to Vegas one day and on to Mesa the next day. Benson slept half the way each day and the other 3 boys were awesome. They basically read books the entire time. Shad had zero accidents too. I listened to old CDs from high school that I had found while packing and loved reminiscing in silence- felt like I was 15 again with NSYNC playing in my minivan. I was worried about dealing with the kids while driving 12 hours total by myself but we were blessed. Bens did really well and Ty helped a lot with propping his bottle and entertaining him. I was so grateful.
TJ left a few hours after us with his mom and they made the looooong 20 hour drive from Lehi, Utah to Kyle, Texas while stopping overnight in a hotel in Albuquerque. To make another long story short, I was super worried because he was driving the moving truck without any insurance on such a long drive so I was immensely grateful they made it without any problems or mishaps. I also was grateful to Ruth for going with him and the Elders quorum of our new Plum Creek ward who unloaded the truck in 45 min the Saturday TJ got there. It took us 2 full days to load it and TJ said you literally couldn't fit one more thing in it- we loaded every tiny nook and cranny to the brim. 

It was hard saying goodbye to the Ellis'- we never could've asked for better neighbors!! Kelby wrote me such a touching goodbye note wrapped up in a roll of toilet paper. This made me smile since the first time we met 2 years ago, our boys had found a bunch of TP and unwound it throughout our whole backyard while we were busy talking- such good memories!!
I also was so touched because while I was at my final, Kelby had organized a group of women to come over and clean my house- seriously one of the nicest things someone has ever done for me!! I had mentioned to Kelby the night before (during our nightly ritual of exchanging all the items each of our kids had left at our houses) how frustrated I was that I just needed one more day to finish everything up and that I felt like I was leaving a dirty, unfinished house. But suddenly that was no longer a big, looming problem and I was so grateful to Kelby, Mary Bell, Liz Ott and her boys, and Whitney Ingram for their service.

9 kids under 6 years old!!!
Liam, Ty, Levi, Aiden, Shad, Penny, Benson, Finn and Harper

There was NO way we could've done it without Kelby, Ruth and Ginger! I'll always be so grateful to them for their help and service- they provided meals, helped us pack and watched the boys. They were all lifesavers.

The Ellis' had us over for smores before we left. 

Cade and Benson- almost 7 months old.
Benson was the tricky one while I was trying to pack, clean and study. Ruth would hold him but the second he heard my voice or saw me he'd start crying and reach for me to hold him- and ONLY me!! But this week he started sitting up reliably on his own! 

Ging was SO helpful and took my boys frequently so I could pack. Ty had a wipeout on his bike and was a little traumatized. 

Ty's family picture :) 6 years old

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