Saturday, August 20, 2016

Marana Trip

After the wedding we stayed in Marana for about 10 days until we left for Texas. I figured it was better to hang out there than in our small little apartment in a new town, waiting for school to start. Plus, we hadn't been back to my parent's house since Jordan's graduation from MHS over a year ago so it was high time for a visit. The boys love playing at their house and swam every single day. We checked out the Tucson Temple progress, went to the new Marana Splash Pad, spent lots of time with Beau and Gigi since Devin and Teddi are living in the Casita while Devin is in grad school. 

Hanging out in a hotel in Vegas, dumping out all 15 free bottles of cheap shampoo and body wash.

Decorating at the church the night before the wedding.

Marana is not the same town I grew up in!! Gladden Farms is making everything so fancy!!

Jordan leaves on her mission to Australia at the end of September. When she gets back in April 2018, these babies will be so big!!

The boys made signs for Tanner's first day as a freshman and Janae's first day as a senior at Marana High School. So crazy!! Poor Tan though- he threw up in weight lifting class on the first day and had to come home sick, missing football practice. I felt so bad for him!! But the next day he was already joking about it- he's such a good kid.

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