Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mall Crazies

After visiting the Tucson Temple, we stopped by the Tucson Mall to entertain the boys for a while. This was the mall I grew up going to as a teenager so it brought back lots of memories. We happened to run into Jordan and her friends there and the boys ended up making little dinosaurs at Color Me Mine. They named them Arlo and Carlo and thought they were the coolest thing they've ever done.

So my mom spontaneously rented 3 of these animal things that you ride around the mall on for 15 minutes- I thought she was crazy but it actually ended up being hysterical. The kids loved them and when Ty was being grumpy about it I jumped on the back of his and made him ride it. Then my mom jumped on Shad's and suddenly both of us were looking ridiculous riding these things with the kids-ha! Benson just watched from his stroller with the chinese lady watching him. We're such good parents.

 While we were there two big monsoon rains hit causing the back bedrooms to flood. We spent all morning moping it up, drying things out and fanning the rooms. It's pretty frustrating when that happens. 

Benson and Gigi are about 7.5 months old and this girl is crawling and climbing up everything!! We even looked over and she was standing at the toy table!! She's so content and chill and we just love our Geej!!

Ty- 6 years old
Levi- 5 years old
Shad- 2 years old
Beau- 2 years old
Benson- 7.5 months old
Gigi- 7.5 months old

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