Sunday, August 28, 2016

Life goes on

Our little buddy turned 8 months last week. He's finally mastered sitting up on his own, figured out how to coordinate his tongue with a spoon and eating, gets around by sliding on his belly and wants Mom to hold him all day long and ONLY Mom. When someone else holds their arms out to see if he'll come to them, he leans against Mom with his head on my shoulder and pats my back with his hand. We call him Bens, Benzy, Benzy Boy, The Baby and Big Belly Baby. No teeth yet and loves to snuggle with his momma. I'm almost positive he'll be my first kid to inherit the Haw's side infamous widow's curse, I mean, peak. He's a such a sweet little baby and loves his brothers- but not more than Mom. He's warmed up to Dad again after being apart though so that's helped!! He has giant knee rolls and his legs don't fit in the bumbo- you have to wedge them in. I'm really curious as to how much he weighs since I'm pretty sure he's my biggest baby. 

My 'Nike Boys'- when they walk out the door in the morning with TJ, sometimes I think my heart is going burst but then they are gone by 7 am and I realize they won't be back until I pick them up at 3 and I do a little dance ;)

Visiting Dad at work- Legend Oaks 
 Healthcare and Rehabilitation right in Plum Creek, Kyle, Texas

Shad's favorite thing to do is sit on that little stool and hang on while Benson gives him a ride.

I've worked really hard to try to do my best to make this tight little space a home and condense a large house into a small 3 bedroom apartment. We make it work and it feels like home already- good thing we don't have very many visitors because there's not really any place to sit. :)

Right now the boys are quite set about what they want to be when they grow up. Ty wants to be an archeologist, Levi a scientist and Shaddie a missionary and a firefighter. :)

This past week I started my online graduate program through the University of Arizona. They are 7 week classes and I have 8 classes to do so my projected graduation is December 2017. I'm excited about it and hope it goes well!! 

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