Sunday, August 21, 2016

Last of AZ

While in AZ, I took the kids up to Phoenix one afternoon to meet up with my old roommates that I had for 2 and 3 years during college, Jen (Eagar) Perkins and Melanie (Carter) Garcia. It had been several years since I had seen them and it was SO good to hang out with them again!! Between the 3 of us we had 11 kids all swimming in Jen's pool and a pizza party- a little crazy but so fun. My boys hardly wanted to get out of the pool to eat. I had forgotten my suit so I was a sweaty mess holding Benson off the side of the pool so the pictures are kinda scary looking of me- we should've taken better ones! 

Mel's kids: Sean, Sophie, Savannah, Santiago
Jen's kids: Owen, Elsie, Tatum
Tara's kids: Ty, Levi, Shad, Benson

We roomed from 2003-2006 while I was at ASU and we were like family. I love these girls like my own sisters and it's so crazy to think about how we were back then, worried about life, dating, careers and school!! And now look at us!! ;)

For old times' sake, of course ;)

Last time the 3 of us got together it was when we had these three 6 year old kids about a month within each other back in the spring/summer of 2010.  So we had to reenact the picture, naturally.

While we were in Marana, my mom had her 55th birthday on August 11th! Teddi and I made her a spider cake and we ordered Olive Garden for take out dinner. The kids were SO excited to surprise Grandma with her cards and presents.

I also got together with my best friends from high school, Kelsey (Gaiser) Finlayson and Kristen (Murphy) Nitka. We were just missing Kami (Kubik) Fisher who lives in Indiana! It was great to see them and catch up.

Then on Monday August 15th, we loaded the van up and made the two day trek out to Kyle, Texas. Jordan came with us and we stopped overnight in Van Horn, Texas. Oh my goodness- this was the trip from you.know.where. Ughhh- Benson was not a good baby and we went 481 miles straight on I-10 one day and 475 on I-10 the next. Often times we were the only one on the road and I'd set my cruise control, not touching the pedal for an hour!! So needless to say, it was a VERY LONG DRIVE and we were very happy to finally make it to our little apartment and be reunited with TJ again.

My mom was in love with her spider cake :)

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