Sunday, August 21, 2016

Settling in

Jordan stayed with us for a few days after we arrived in Texas so that she could help with the kids while I got organized and unpacked. It was so great having her here and she was a lot of help. The boys just love her and she's really good to them.
Since she was here we went up to San Antonio early on the day she flew out to see The Alamo and walk around the San Antonio Riverwalk. We also ate at The Salt Lick, a famous Texas BBQ place in Driftwood that was pretty delicious. 

 We live on the 3rd floor of an apartment here in Kyle and just imagine how fun it is to unload groceries with kids in tow in the blasted humidity, ha. To add to things, the key to our apartment is tricky and we spent 15 minutes trying to get it to open the front door. We ended up having to call TJ at work to come home and open it for us and complain to the front office for a new one. It's sooooo nice having TJ so close to us and able to quickly leave and go back.
One interesting thing- we found the closest Costco to us (in South Austin) and took a trip up there. I now feel right at home since finding it. Anyways, while we were there there was an older lady that fell and hit her head while coming out of the bathroom. I saw the commotion and went to check it out. All the employees were very strictly telling everyone to step back and get away but when I mentioned I was an ER nurse they let me right there. I became the first responder until EMS got there. It was very uneventful since she never lost consciousness or pulses and mostly just had lacs to her lip and eyebrow but it was a little confidence booster to my nursing skills since everyone acted like I had just parted the red sea. Afterwards Ty told me, "Mom! You're a woman hero!"

We had Back to School Night at Negley Elementary!! I've been nervous about starting a new school in a new area but now I'm pretty confident these guys will do well and enjoy it. They both are SOOO excited for school to start. 
Levi has Mrs. Sparks for his kindergarten teacher. Another mom in the hallway told me she's the best teacher in the whole school and that we really lucked out in getting her. She was so happy and friendly and her classroom will filled with old students coming back to say hi. I'm really grateful and think Levi will have a great year. 
Ty has Mrs. Snead for 1st grade and he's super excited. They have a bring your own devices program so later on the school year he can take an iPad to school!
We've heard this is the best school in the district so I'm feeling really good about things and excited to see what this year will bring us. It's also so nice that we live about 5 minutes away and TJ will be dropping them off to school on his way to work each day. This is like a dream come true for us.

Oh the snapchats Jordy sents me :)

Benson had his first haircut at almost 8 months old! And even then you can hardly tell in these pictures. He's been my baldest baby and slowest growing hair kid. I'm pretty certain he's the only one that inherited my widow's peak too. 

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