Saturday, August 20, 2016

Derek and Emily's Wedding

 Derek and Emily got married on Saturday August 6, 2016 in the Mesa Arizona Temple. We put on a luncheon afterwards and they had a Casa Grande reception that night. They chose not to have a Marana reception and took the money and went to Hawaii instead!! 
Obviously, it was very HOT but thankfully the monsoon season cooled things off a tiny bit so that helped. It was sunshine and beautiful morning and things went really well, especially since we all stayed at a hotel across the street the night before. 
They both were so happy and looked beautiful! We're really glad that it's finally official and Emily is apart of our family!

Shad's 3rd huge bowl of shredded cheese- I was letting them eat whatever since the food was late, kids were starving and just trying to keep them happy and quiet and sitting down :)

Their wedding day was the same day as TJ's 32nd birthday. Since he had to be in Texas to start his new job he couldn't be there for it. The boys wanted to send him this picture for his birthday present. 

All day long, Shad kept saying he was going to marry Penny in the Mesa temple. 

Trying to get the 7 grandkids smiling in one picture.... righhttttt

Welcome to the family, Emily Crockett!!!

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