Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wrapping up Utah Summer

 So this is week 4 of flying solo around here and as much as we are anxious to have TJ back and to be out of the moving/showing/packing stage, it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. We've kept busy and adjusted and (besides one little emotional breakdown) just trooped along. Early bedtimes, an occasional Swig and eating our favorite Utah foods before we leave has also helped a lot. I'm actually looking forward to eating better, exercising again and getting on a normal schedule with school starting soon. We got an offer a week ago and accepted it last Monday- such a blessing that we've been fasting and praying for so hard. Closing date is set for August 26 so fingers crossed that everything continues to go through. 
We've had a lot of fun at splash pads, being entertained by watching Benson eat limes, getting through church on my own, and taking lots of pictures together :)

I'm actually really proud of Ty- he's starting to be a really big help and does really well in sacrament meeting. I can usually count on him to help me make it through. Today he sang all 4 hymns word for word, wrote a thank you note to the Bishop, and read in the Friend while being very reverent. Then he took Shad to nursery and then him and Levi went to Primary together since Benson was tired and not having it. So nice to have such great helpers!! Love these boys even if a day of church has me exhausted!! :)

Shaddie with his scripture (to be like TyLevi- yes it's one word) and underwear- the two necessities in his little mind. So far- no accidents at church!!! Yahoo!

 These past two Sundays we've had church movie night with popcorn in my bedroom since our DVD player is packed and we use the computer. They love it.

On Pioneer Day, Dallin ran his first marathon (well, it was day after since the 24th was a Sunday)!! It was amazing!! He actually did really, really well and was under 4 hours, which was his goal. As he ran by he was just smiling and being normal Dally boy. It was great to be there even if it was a little bit of a drive and early in the morning (that's why none of us have our hair done and we look homeless). We had our last showing that morning so I hurried and cleaned the house spotless and then just got us all out of it so it worked out great. So amazing to think how far Dallin has come these past 3 years!! Amy mentioned that 3 years ago her and my dad were looking at wheelchair accessible vans and now he's running a marathon- absolutely miraculous. 
After we watched a little bit of the Days of '47 parade, got snow cones from some of the vendors and played on the really cool playground. That night we had a BBQ with the Ellis' so it was a great day.

A Hendriksen family party! The boys got to sleep over with their cousins that night too. They had a blast and Ruth said they didn't go to sleep until midnight! And of course they still woke up at 6 am the next morning. So later that afternoon, Ty's head was bobbing at the table and he fell asleep around 4:30 pm. Levi and Shad were out by 5 pm and they all slept clear until the next morning! 

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