Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wengert Reunion


It was so good to be with all my dad's brothers and sisters and their families this past weekend in Colorado. We stayed at cabins and camp trailers at Dolores River Campground. Every since my Grandma Retha died in a tragic car accident 6 years ago we've had some sort of reunion to continue the closeness that she always fostered and to remain close. TJ and I drove separately since he went straight from here on to Texas to start his new job. It was a 5 hour drive and thankfully, the kids did really, really well overall both there and back. Such a tender mercy! Benson slept 3 hours straight on the way there. On the way home Janae and Jadee came with me since they were going to EFY at Utah State. Molly came with us since she's going to live in Marana for 6 months while we're in an apartment- we're going to miss her!!
Sadly, my Grandpa Wengert ended up having surgery for a hernia repair related to peritoneal dialysis complications. We all missed having him there. My favorite part was having a testimony meeting on Sunday morning before every drives off. It's such a strength and something I'll always remember. It leaves me with such gratitude for my ancestors, my heritage and a determination to do and be better and live up to the Wengert name. And to teach my kids the same. It makes me tear up every once in a while thinking about how much Gram would be in absolutely HEAVEN with all these grandkids and their kids. We have 28 great grandkids so far, including Lexi's little girl that is due next month. I have no doubt she's looking down from heaven and just being so happy watching us. 
I also LOVE seeing my kids growing up with my cousin's kids. Blood is thicker than water. My cousins are still some of my best friends and it's neat to watch the next generation. 
A few years ago my cousin, Cassidee, coined the hashtag #WengertNation. I think it's awesome and like to keep using it. 

My Aunt Lori was SOOO much help with these babies. She always had one of them and would hold them and rock them to sleep. She's the best- always has been one of my favorite aunts. Benson seriously loved her.

GiGi! We call her The Geej.

We drove to the reunion on July 7th- Levi's 5th birthday. He got to open a few presents and we actually stopped and went inside... AND got a Happy Meal for his b-day lunch as we traveled. His dreams were completed this day. 
As we were trying to get out the door, I finally just left with the boys and TJ stayed behind and cleaned the house really well since the house is on the market. SO hard to keep it spotless clean with kids around!! While we were gone we only had 1 showing :( So we lowered it ten grand over the weekend. Sigh. 

Benson seriously can't figure out how to eat baby food (he has tongue issues and can't figure out how to coordinate it with the spoon) but he definitely figured out how to eat a licorice!! 

Giving Derek and Emily a healthy dose of birth control.

Shaddie and Beau played so well together!!

Ty and Levi got really into this quarter game Teddi taught us. It was pretty funny to watch. 

It was such a great trip and we'll definitely laugh about all the old people who gave us such a hard time. I'm not sure why they were so grouchy but I'm sure it had to do with all the kids everywhere. This one lady that ran a little tiny convenience store was SO put out that we all wanted to buy so much and cleaned out her ice cream stock. She would only let us come in in shifts and was annoyed when we had $10 and $20 and wanted change since she only had a few one dollar bills. It was quite annoyingly hilarious. 

All weekend long, my boys kept calling Tanner rhyming words of Tan. So by the end it got to Tan Man Van Can Fan- they thought it was so funny and clever.

My cousin Braman posted this- I liked it so much because it showed how the younger generation is learning the significance of a name and how the legacy of faith continues on. It made me proud :)

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