Sunday, July 31, 2016

Seven Peaks

This past week we've been saying goodbye and playing with friends and family before we leave. We met up with KiLeigh and her kids at Seven Peaks and lasted almost all day there! We were both surprised they all did so well! They played their little hearts out and were so exhausted that night- it was awesome and so good for these cousins to have time together and make memories. I love hanging out with Ki too so it was great. My boys loved having older cousins around too- it's fun to see them interact and be like Porter and Payson. :)

Porter- 10 (almost)
Payson- 8
Ty- 6
Ollie- 5
Levi- 5
Shad- 2
Olyn- 2
Benson- 7 months

Ty was pretty scared to go on this slide with the mats but he saw me and Levi do it together so he was braved and did it- and LOVED it. He's starting to get a little more daring and adventurous (for his standards) and it's so good for him to take chances and realize it's okay and even fun. :)

I met up with several of my Wisconsin sister missionaries last week so we could hang out one last time- it was so great to see them all! Sarah Gibbons Chapman, Kristin Johnson Fuhriman, Andrea Wiser Louder, Vanae Nielsen Keiser, Hailey Hood Jones and Kelli Klinger. We had 15 kids between us all and it was lunch time at Chick-fil-A so you can imagine the chaos but I'm so glad it worked out and that everyone made the effort to come! Love these ladies.

The only kids we could convince to come over for a picture and the best we could get- ha!

Benson was sick and up all night last Friday and Ginger and I were supposed to take the boys to Hang Time after we had such a great time a while ago. I cancelled on her and of course, she comes to my house, picks up my 3 older boys (including a potty training 2 year old :/) and not only takes them all to Hang Time for two hours but then feeds them lunch and takes them to play at her house until I come get them later on and serves us all dinner. It was an absolute lifesaver and exactly what I needed to get through the remaining time until TJ comes back. I'm so grateful for her and all that she does to continuously serve our family!! It had been 3 weeks straight of 24/7 kids and so this little break was so needed and completely rejuvenated me. We LOVE Aunt Ginger!

 Our HOA had a water party day with giant bounce houses and water slides- these boys had a blast and loved playing with Aiden and Liam. We're going to miss the Ellis' so much!!!

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