Thursday, July 21, 2016

Potty Training, Round 3

Sometimes I can't believe all these boys are mine...

Shad is constantly getting "rides" from Benson. I got the walker out about 3 weeks ago and I'm shocked at how fast he figured out how to move around in it! It's really funny to see him move and we all have to watch out for our feet and ankles because he'll ram into them and it hurts.

Benson can now gnaw on leftover pizza crust! Always a big milestone when you're at Costco all the time, like us! Plus it's still funny to me to look over and see Shad and Benson in the front of the cart instead of Levi. Such a big baby!!! 

Potty Training, Round 3

 On Tuesday the 19th, Shaddie woke up and told me wanted to go potty. He went and had zero (potty) accidents!! I was shocked!! Now going number two is a different story- that hasn't clicked yet but we're working on it. I've been noticing over the last month that he really is ready to be potty trained but it's the worst time ever for it since we just got brand new carpets, will be moving and huge transition coming up. So I've been holding off until we get settled in Texas and figured in Sept. we'd go for it. But since he was so motivated and has taken off with it, I'm going for it! Unlike my other boys he really doesn't need any motivation and just feels like a big boy with his brothers. It's a pleasant surprise and I'm SO ready to only have one in diapers again. He got to go to Target and pick out new underwear which was a VERY big deal for him. He now carries all the underwear he owns in a ziplock bag every where he goes. We can't leave the house without it and asks to zip and unzip it all day long. He even sleeps with his "baggie" because "I love my underwear." Now if we can just get number two down we'll be set!! Good job Shaddie!

The boys finished up Sports Camp this week. It was actually a good thing for them in a unrelated-to-sports kind of way. There were a few kids who were not very nice so we had a chance to discuss how to react to these kids and to prep them for life in elementary school. Ty told me the next day that he shared a ball with the kid who called him a loser the day before. :)

With TJ gone and our house on the market, suddenly maintaining the yard is up to me. I'm realizing how crazy fast the lawn grows and how much nicer it looks when it's freshly cut. Since we need curb appeal to sell our house I'm cutting the dumb grass twice a week! Growing up with 4 brothers and a riding lawn mower (and Jesus! an employee that has worked for my dad for 20 years) I never really had to mow the lawn. So I'm not very good at it- plus it's hard with 4 kids around! Benson just wants to held and is scared of the loud sound the lawn mower makes. Soooo on days when I need to mow it the boys' chore is to put Benson in the stroller and walk up and down the sidewalk for however long it takes me. They all get tired and sweaty and think it's a hard chore but we get the lawn mowed!! Win/win!

TJ is enjoying his new job!! This is him at a training where they had him be like an assited living resident. He was in a wheelchair with goggles to simulate glaucoma, had to eat pureed food and had something over his ears for hearing loss. He's working really hard, putting in 10-14 hour days plus studying at home after work. I'm really glad he went out early so he's able to get a great start without us there to distract him. So proud of him and how far he's come already! We're excited to start our Texas adventure with him soon.

7 Months!! This past month has flown by- it's crazy how much we've done and still to do! But we're enjoying time with this little baby! He's making progress on sitting up but still falls over easy. He loves eating regular people food but is still quite bad at eating baby food with a spoon- he can't coordinate his tongue with it. He's a rolly-polly chunky drool monster and has the best smiles. He can't just sit contently on your lap like Cade or Gigi- he has to arch and wiggle and move and bend every direction he can. He wants to be held and held standing up only too! He's the best baby in the world- as the boys like to say in a very high pitched baby voice! :)

We visited Tanner at EFY at BYU. He was having the best time and it's so cute how much these boys love him. They saw him walking across campus and they sprinted to him as fast as they could saying, "Tan Man Van Can!" :)

The Bookends- don't know why Mom and Dad had to have the 6 in the middle. They started and ended with the best!!

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