Thursday, July 14, 2016

New Career

Well, TJ is officially in Texas and we've survived our first week as a single mom family! Only a half a month or so to go! He left straight from the Wenger Reunion in Colorado and drove 16 hours straight in one day. He was definitely ready to get out of the car and done with driving for a while. He started his Administrator in Training job with The Ensign Group on Tuesday July 12th and has been really enjoying it so far. He's studying and learning a ton and working long days already but it's easy to do since he's all alone in our little apartment. He's loving the 5 minute commute and comes home every day for lunch. That's definitely a part of this whole job that will feel like a dream- no more 45+ minute commutes!! 

We're keeping busy here and surviving without TJ. Definitely a little worried about the house selling though. I feel like we missed the peak of the market by about two weeks. Neighbors were selling their houses in a week and now we're going about 10 days with only 2 showings so far. Our realtor says it's due to people being on vacation before school starts again and also that people are figuring out it's a sellers market and the influx of homes going up for sale has tripled in the last 3 weeks. Trying to stay positive and hopeful though! We know this is what we're supposed to do so somehow it'll work out. It took us 3 months to sell our PG home so I was hoping to avoid that stress this time around... we'll see!!

It's nice because we've found a groove that works for us with TJ being gone and gives us a daily schedule. The older boys go to a little Sport Camp through Lehi Legacy Center every morning from 9-11 am, which they love. I love it too and am grateful for little programs like this that are so good for kids to get out of the house and enjoy summer. I'm working like crazy to finish up this statistics class and spend most of my time doing homework daily. I am also getting ready for my graduate program to start mid-August. Whoo hoo!
After the babies go down for naps we usually go on some sort of little outting- we've been to parks, splash pads, spend time with cousins and other creative and cheap ways to spend the time, keep kids entertained and out of my nice clean house that's ready for showing (that aren't happening though....). During the last showing, it was easier to just clean the house while babies napping and then just stay out of it all afternoon until after the showing, rather than clean again or maintain. We went to Target just to look at toys, got a car wash and vacuumed the van good and then dinner at Chik-fil-A. Ha- my glamorous life!!! ;)

 Shaddie was so proud that he figured out how to do this. :)

Hanging out at Del Taco during another showing. The older boys play forever in the play place and Bens and I enjoy Taco Tuesdays- 3 tacos for $1. Oh yeah!!

Can you say perfect timing???

Each day is a different sport at sports camp so of course, the boys like finding a shirt that goes with the sport for the day. You can guess what sport was this day. It's so cute dropping them off as they wave goodbye and I love yous and see you laters. They are getting big. I enjoy it. 

Both boys said they were too scared to try this climbing thing at a Saratoga Springs park when we went the other day. But Levi said he wanted to be brave and kept at it for a good 45 minutes. I was quite surprised that he made it up this high (it's a lot higher in person) and kept trying! Of course, coming down was scary too but he made it and no broken bones. That's a win/win right there.

So many times throughout the days I think of how lucky these two are to have each other- built in best friends. Growing up I wished so badly for a sibling that I was close in age to. Someone to share clothes with, have the same friends, do the same activities with and go to the same school with. Devin and I are 3 years apart and... let's just say...he was a boy and just a tad immature than normal maybe??  :) So 3 years felt like 5 of 6 years apart, ha! I felt there was me and then tons of little kids. Don't get me wrong, I loved my siblings more than anything and there were definite perks to having lots of younger brothers and sisters. But nothing like having an almost-twin. I had the thought pop into my head today of how glad I was that Levi wasn't a girl (we were told he was a girl for a whole month). A few days ago I told them we were going to some place fun (I can't remember what) and Ty was so excited that he picked Levi up, held him in his arms and gave him a huge kiss on the cheek. It made me laugh but also was just another reflection of how close they are. :) Heavenly Father knew what he was doing with these two.

Benzie Boy- what the older boys like to call him- likes to pull down the bumper pads to peek out to say hi. He's so proud of himself when he can finally see us. 

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