Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Levi's Party

Ruth was having a cousin's day and taking them all to see Finding Dory at the movie theaters. Since we were knee-deep in getting our house ready to go on the market with zero time left, I asked if I could bring a cake and call it Levi's birthday party. It was great because he loved it, had a great time and I got a birthday party out of it!!! :) 
It was a little crazy at the movie theaters but that's kind of to be expected when you have 12 boys under the age of 12 in one theater, all sitting together in a loud, dark room with popcorn and candy. Afterwards we went back to Ruth's house for lunch, cake and ice cream and presents. He was in heaven with his Ninjago Lego Party with all his cousins. 

My two next door neighbors and I did service for our stake during the Lehi Round-Up. We sold over 1200 hamburgers that night and worked from 5:30 pm to 11:30 pm! It was a huge job and it was fun to talk with Kelby and Leslie all night even though we were splattered in hamburger juice and our feet were killing us! 

ORANGE CRUSH T-ball Team- Lehi Legacy

ORANGE TIGERS T-ball Team- Saratoga Springs League. TJ was the coach.

Benson, Harper and Finn

My neighbor, Kelby, was so amazing to tackle landscaping our front yard. Her beautiful yard next to our pitiful one shows her talent and eye for such skill. I gave her money and then watched all 9 kids under the age of 6 for a few hours twice last week. It was a little crazy, especially since these babies were all on the same schedule- meaning they all wanted to eat at the same time, be put down for their naps at the same time and be held at the same time! Of course this was also at the same time as Shad and Penny acting like two crazy 2 year olds and the older boys getting into things as well. Penny wanted her swim suit on and was taking her diaper and walking around naked. Shad got a bloody nose. And then I had 3 babies crying all at the same time. I decided I don't think I could ever be a triplet mom. But... it was so worth it because our yard looks beautiful!! Kelby did an amazing job and my only regret is that we didn't do it sooner so we could enjoy it ourselves and have large, blooming plants and flowers!! She also brought over her very own large flower pots to place by our walkway and her own table and chairs to set on our porch to help with curb appeal during showings. She's so thoughtful and nice- we seriously will miss them so much :(

I set this little guy down for 2 seconds and when I came back into the room, I couldn't see him. Good thing I could hear him talking away because I quickly found him way under the crib in the corner, playing with the wood pieces underneath. This kid can roll like crazy!!!!

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