Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Lego Convention

On a Saturday when TJ and his dad were working on the house, I took the boys to UVU for a Lego Convention they were having there. It was perfect because it got us out of the house while the men worked, kids 8 and under were free and it was legos- you can't go wrong with that in our family. The boys LOVED it and were in awe. They had a huge lego pit in the center where all 3 boys sat and built legos for close to an hour while I fed Benson and he napped. It was pretty awesome, even for me!

Only in Utah County..... ;)

Ty thought the 'church legos' were pretty awesome.

Lately every Sunday we've been sitting next to Kelby and her kids to help her during Sacrament. Often Penny will just come with us on the drive over and it's so cute to see a little girl in the middle of all the boys. Every week her and Shaddie hold hands the entire walk to nursery and Shad leads her in. It's pretty adorable. 

Some of my Sunday School kids- I'm enjoying this calling so much! I'm surprised but I seriously love these kids!!I think teaching the 14-15 year olds is my favorite calling so far. Benson's giraffe pacifier is the class' class mascot and they all take turns holding Benson the whole time. :) Oh and they named the giraffe Henri. I have no idea why. :)

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