Wednesday, July 6, 2016

House for Sale!

The past two weeks we spent every second of every hour thinking, working and planning on fixing the dang house up. Brand new carpet throughout, all the walls painted freshly white, baseboards painted two toned, our bathroom now has tile instead of ugly carpet and the entire house scrubbed down with half our belongings out in the garage. Talk about a TON of work. But it was only possible because we had so much family to help!! Last Friday Ruth took all the boys for an entire day and on Saturday, my mom and siblings were in town for a wedding which meant she took them for an entire day. Of course she took them to Lagoon since my sisters and brother wanted to go really bad. They had such a blast and TJ and I got SOOOO much done. It's amazing what you can do without any children for about 20 hours total. The house is gleaming and sparkling and I don't want to live in it anymore or let my children come back in. 
It was so great of my mom to take the boys. Ty went on his first roller coaster (like 8 times they said)- he's always been too afraid. Everyone had a great time and the boys crashed hard that night. We're going to miss my family's frequent trips to Utah!!!

For the 4th of July we finished working on the house by painting the front door and working on the lawn and getting it completely show ready. Then that afternoon we went to a BBQ at Linda and Joe's condo. It was fun because it was the first house we lived in when Ty and Levi were born. Going back there brought back so many good memories!! We lived there for 3 years so a lot happened there. The boys loved seeing their "first room" and talking about what they were like as babies. :)

Since finishing up with the house, it's easier to keep the boys OUT of it then to clean it all over again. So these lucky boys keep having fun outtings. We went to Nickel City to use our free passes there, Chik-fil-A for lunch and the Disney store in one day. Then today (TJ's last day in Utah!!!), we used our passes to Seven Peaks. 

The house officially went on the market July 5th. Tomorrow we have our first showing- fingers crossed!!!

Levi graduated from the Upstart Program, which was Levi's 'computer homework'  all school-year long (the graduation was during our Seven Peaks outing so I just ran him over there in his swim suit). I'm convinced going to a good, high quality preschool, combined with this program is what lead to Levi learning how to read all on his own this past year. I'm really surprised and didn't expect that. I think this program is so cool and wish every state had it. I only found out about it from my sister-in-law but I'm really glad we did it and think it's awesome the government provides it. 

My $5 clearance find from our Disney store outing yesterday- a Nemo full-body swim suit!!! haha! I actually really like it since he was so covered from the sun well and about 10 different people commented on it or asked where I got it from! ha!

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