Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hang Time

Last week the boys and I went to Hang Time in Orem- a giant trampoline place. It was on a Friday morning from 9-11 am for preschool hour and it was just $2 per kid. We almost had the entire thing to ourselves, they had big leather couches where I could sit back and relax, Benson slept half the time, Disney music was playing overhead and the boys had a BLAST- it was perfect!! And I was surprised at how daring my usually-super-conservative-and-play-it-safe boys became! Ty even did flips off into the foam pit! Levi went crazy running as fast as he could off the taller edges too! Shaddie just tried to keep up with the older boys :) Why didn't I discover this earlier?? It was awesome!

We're doing pretty good on our own so far! We're staying very busy and are finding little outtings here and there to enjoy Utah before the big move. The boys miss TJ a ton and Facetime him every night. Technology is amazing and I'm grateful for it.

This kid is pretty good at sitting up in shopping carts and high chairs, as long as there's a seatbelt.

Last Friday night I took the boys to Porter's Place here in Lehi. They were mesmerized by the old-time saloon look of it and kept saying this was where the cowboys live. Kinda fun to go on a little date with them. 

Benson fell asleep like this for 3 hours on the ground one night!! He's just like his father!

Last Sunday we went to Ginger's after church so we wouldn't be stuck at home all day with TJ gone. Since Curtiss is gone for meetings half the day, it worked out great! The kids love playing together and will miss Parker and Lawson so much!!

Levi says the funniest prayers. Last night he said, "Thank you that Benson is so cute and thank you that he cannot die."

Shad loves biter-biters (fire fighters) and gets super excited when he sees one.

During bedtime, Shad was whimpering saying that he was scared. When I asked him what he was scared of he said robots. Robots in his room. :)

I seriously believe that angels are watching over us- like my Grandma, Tyrell or Aunt Betsy. Just this past week I've found Benson with a Lego mini-figure head clinched in his fist just waiting to go in his mouth and also a large piece of plastic that I actually fished out of his mouth because he was coughing. 

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