Sunday, July 31, 2016

Brother Buddies

I'm already starting to love how my boys are in two groups- they each have a buddy and built-in best friend. It honestly seems like Shad has an abnormal affection for Benson- he's only 2 but he's obsessed with him and is always loving on him. Not once have I seen him be mean or aggressive. I'm so glad it worked out this way and that Heavenly Father knows what's best. 

I came in to see the boys asleep like this. They have so much room yet chose to be super close?? Their room gets the hottest because of direct sunlight so they were all sticky too! ha!

A little later they were like this :)

Shaddie finally went #2 in the potty so he got to pick a prize. He chose 'biter-biter' jammies and even though Costco only had size 5 left, he thought he was the coolest and carried around the shorts that came with it all night.

I found a gift certificate to Olive Garden as I was cleaning things out and decided to use it!! Yes, I took 4 kids by myself to Olive Garden on a Saturday evening but they actually did okay! We went around 5 so it wasn't as busy and it was good food, they ate a ton and then I came home and put them right to bed- not bad for me!! Then I ate my leftovers while watching Criminal Minds and studying for my Stats final- win/win!!!

Today was our last Sunday in North Lake 4th Ward- we've made so many good friends and it's been a great ward to be apart of. I was most sad to say goodbye to my Sunday School class of 14-15 year olds. They are awesome and I'm really surprised at how much I love them and this calling. It's seriously one of my very favorite callings! We had to take a picture and Benson had to be in front since he's been our class mascot. :)

When I went in to check on if he was asleep (he likes to sleep by himself and not with TyLevi- I have no idea why!) I found him playing with his underwear on the phone charger. He looks up at me with this sheepish smile and says, 'Hi Mommy' and it makes me entire heart melt. :) This kid drives me crazy but is so dang sweet at times!

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