Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Time

Summer sports are in full swing. The boys are loving T-ball and TJ is coaching Levi's team since they couldn't find anyone else to do it. Luckily, the season is over at the end of June so we should be good to complete the whole thing. 
Soccer ended and that was nice because T-ball and soccer overlapped by two weeks. The boys were beyond excited to get their first trophies.  

I love places that have family restrooms and the tiny kids' toilet. I've been putting Shaddie on it every once in awhile in the last few weeks. No success yet but we're gearing up for potty training at the end of this summer- I'm SO over changing his diapers and really, really am looking forward to only buying for one kid. He's just not ready yet otherwise I'd have already taken the plunge... Seriously, my least favorite parenting thing but SO worth it once it's done!


This was an IKEA fork that Shaddie put in the oven (well, that's what we've all assumed since who else would do it and come on, it's yellow). This was at the end of the week where TJ was out of town in Texas for 6 days and it was just one of those days :) The house smelled so bad from the melting plastic, Levi was sick and throwing up and we had bad night of sleeping, the smell was giving me a migraine and I was just over the day. So we loaded up to get out of the house so I could drown my sorrows out with Swig. :) Nothing that a little Raspberry Dream can't fix. Can't decide if I'll miss that more than Cafe Rio if we ever move...
It was also very frustrating because after TJ's last interview in CA, where the company flew him out and provided for everything, they told him no , that he didn't get the job. However, they said the ball is in his court. If he wanted to pursue this he could go on (on his own dime) and visit the Texas branches, get to know everyone and see if that can lead somewhere. TJ immediately set up a trip and flew out there the following week. What was frustrating was that once he got there, there wasn't the best communication and few people knew who he was and why he was there. But overall, the trip ended up going well and we're just waiting to hear back to see what they're last decision will be. We're anxious to figure out our immediate future or to start pursuing other leads if this doesn't work out. 

Ty and Levi both had games at the same time so TJ and I each went to one. So that meant Levi and I were on a soccer date and I did a few errands with him before. We were at Hobby Lobby when he saw this little white tiger stuffed animal and he looked up at me with the biggest brown eyes and in a teeny tiny hesitant voice asked if maybe he could get this for his birthday. My heart melted into a big puddle and normally, we don't ever buy toys like that, but since we were on a "date" and he didn't ask for it right then but for an expected-gift giving occasion, I told him we could buy it since I had a coupon. His eyes lit up and it started jumping up and down and said, "I just LOVE soccer dates!! She's just SO CUTE!!!! THANKS Momma!!!" So now we have Tundra (the name she came with on the beanie baby tag :), along with Tigee and his family. But according to Levi, Tundra is the cutest and he just can't get over how cute she is. 

We went swimming at the Lehi Legacy Center on Memorial Day and got ice cream after. It really was such a fun little outing! The perfect way to spend a holiday. These boys were perfect and loved the water. Ty is swimming pretty much indpendently and without any floaties, Levi still wants his on, Shad is very cautious and stays right by one of us and Benson- it was his first time swimming!! He didn't love it but didn't hate it or cry. Just kinda sat there. But once I wrapped  him up in a big warm towel (it was actually windy and kinda cold!), he was so happy and content snuggling with me while we waited for the other boys. :) 

These boys were SO excited when a random letter came in the mail from Grandma Wengert with $5 for each boy to pick out a treat. They decided to use it toward going to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden. Since we had Ty's autism soccer camp in SLC that he does every summer, we decided to keep going up and go there as an outing. The boys loved it and it was actually a pretty cool children's museum. They were very excited to "pay" for it themselves. :) Thanks, Mom!

Ty followed the directions of how to draw Dory on the chalk package- I was pretty impressed!! These boys really are pretty easy to entertain- it doesn't take much. I really am enjoying this summer with them and having a little more relaxing schedule each day without the pressure of getting out the door at a certain time and worrying about school pick-up times and such. We have fun- after doing our dailies, of course ;)

Over the past month, these two have become best buddies!! Seriously, they play SO well together and even will play without any of the other boys around. I'll often hear a little knock on the door and often it's Penny who's come over by herself to come play with Shaddie. It's so cute.
Shad's always talking about Penny and says he loves her. When the older boys ask if he wants to marry her he always yells, YES!! His diapers have Mickey and Minnie on them and he says every time that it's him and Penny. 

Whenever we do move, we'll be SO SAD to leave our neighbors!! They seriously are the BEST and each kid has a friend close in age. We've been so lucky to have moved in right next store to such a wonderful family who loves our kids as much as their own. All day long our kids are back and forth from each other's houses. It's pretty awesome. 

Hendriksen and Ellis Kids

Liam- 6 1/2 years old
Ty- 6 years old
Levi- (almost) 5 years old
Aiden- 4 years old
Shad- 2 years old
Penny- 22 months old
Benson- 5 months old
Harper and Finn- 4 months old

Ty and his buddy Kacie who was partnered with him for the Handstands for Goals Soccer Camp- it really is such an impressive thing. So much is donated and given to these kids- it's amazing! And high quality things too. Very touching to be apart of something like this.

Leo the Lion from ReAL Salt Lake!

Ty was reunited with two of his buddies from Kids on the Move Bridge's program from when he was 2-3 years old. It was great to see Kale and Henry again!!

Monday after Ty's soccer camp we headed to City Creek Center since we were already in Salt Lake. Unfortunately the Disney store was closed the one day we decided to go :( But the boys still had a great time playing at the indoor play place. This was one outing that actually was quite perfect- all 4 boys were perfectly behaved, Bens slept all the way up there and back, and just one of those days that I truly enjoyed every second of it. Those days don't come very often so gotta remember the good ones when they do!! ;)

Our FHE lesson :)

The Treehouse Museum was right across the street from the Bountiful Temple! It was so pretty and bright!! (Levi was my only willing subject for a picture). 

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