Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lagoon and Summer

In between packing, selling off a ton of stuff, major DI runs daily, cleaning out, moving things to the garage, painting the entire house (we finally decided to hire that one out- so much work and we're running out of time), painting baseboards, prepping for new carpet and landscaping, I'm trying to get out and do some fun things with the boys. We went to a splash pad and snow cones one day. Some members of the ward were there and Hyrum Jensen was SO good to these boys. He seriously just played with them, especially Shaddie, the whole time. It was awesome. The kids adore him and call him one of "our cub scout boys."

Ruth treated us all to a Girls Night Out with pedicures, Texas Roadhouse and the movie Me Before You. It had been a whlie since I had been out that late! I'm old! But it was fun to do something with all of TJ's sisters and mom before we leave! :( We're going to miss being so close to 4 of the daughters and his parents so much!

Levi likes playing with Tundra hooked to his wrist with his handcuffs. He'll play the whole game like that and even bats- pretty talented!


Ty finished up T-ball season! He improved so much this year and really enjoyed it a ton. This was how he wanted to pose to show off his medal. :)

We went to Lagoon for TJ's annual work party. This was probably the best year yet because the boys are finally old enough to really enjoy the rides, not get scared and willing to branch out a bit. All Levi wanted to do was ride a roller coaster but he was still too short for the grown up ones. So we settled on the kid roller coaster. He thought it was so awesome and grown up and we're roller coaster buddies. We were there several hours, rode a bunch of rides and USANA pays for $40 in food vouchers. We ended the day with all of us riding the ferris wheel together and the boys thought it was super awesome. I was reminded again at how much I hate that ride and my paranoia goes through the roof, especially since these are open carts. I literally had to hang onto Shad the whole time and try not to say anything as they turn and shake the cart the whole time. :) 

TJ's grandpa passed away last week. We were grateful it happened while TJ was still here in Utah since he leaves for Texas in two weeks. He was able to leave work early one day last week and spend some time with him. It ended up being the day before he died- how lucky is that? Not very often you can be with your loved one up until the end. From what TJ said he was pretty coherent and remembered TJ's name. I ended up getting strep throat (pretty bad- probably the worst I've ever had it) so I wasn't able to attend the funeral. TJ was a pallbearer and the only one there that had his same last name. Kinda neat. 
Here's the obituary.
1928 ~ 2016
Martin Peter Hendriksen 87 of Grantsville, Utah passed away peacefully on June 16th, 2016 after a long battle with cancer. Born July 6, 1928 in SLC to Oscar Peter Hendriksen and Kamilla Louise Olsen. Married Lila Jean Sorensen for time and all eternity in the SLC LDS Temple on October 26, 1949 Survived by his beloved wife of 66 years, seven children, 29 grandchildren, 43 great grandchildren. He was a faithful member of the LDS Church and led his family by love and example. He will be fondly remembered and greatly missed. 

Father's Day was kind of uneventful this year since we're right in the middle of all the house chaos. But we fixed a nice meal for TJ complete with strawberry shakes and gave him a cute little tie with the boys' picture on it. 

Love this Sunday School class! I teach 14-15 year olds and it's turning out to be one of my very favorite callings. I'll seriously miss these kids so much!

Two old pics I came across that I love!! Good ol' 80's. 

Benson is 6 months!

Weight: 18lbs, 9 oz, 68th percentile
Length: 27.7 inches, 88th percentile
Head Circ: 17.6 inches, 88th percentile

He rolls everywhere and will get from one side of the room to the other in an instant. Not really a fan of baby food but that's mostly my fault and lack of feeding it to him consistently. Not able to sit up yet- you'd think his big belly would help give some stability. He loves sitting in his walker and watching the boys. He's even starting to move a little in it. He wakes up usually once a night and is just the happiest baby. I love watching the boys all interact with him. Shaddie still calls him "his bebe" and gets mad if I call him anyone else's baby. The boys kiss and love on him multiple times a day.

A few weeks ago I had a neighbor that was having kidney stones and also a history of ulcerative colitis. He was sent home from the clinic with an IV and bag full of fluids with Toradol. As they were getting out of the car, the tubing caught on the car and dislodged the IV. They really didn't want a long, expensive ER trip and he was in a lot of pain and needed that Toradol and fluids in. They had me and Kelby come over to assess and see what we could do. Long story short, I prayed SUPER hard that I could put a new IV in and get this fluid running with old-school supplies from a little clinic. I hadn't put an IV in over a year and I was nervous with good friends watching. He had bad veins but I was so relieved and touched that Heavenly Father helped me get it in and he got his fluids. :)

My kids have fun with Benson in Sunday School :)

Ty conquered his fear of this slide!!!! For the past 4 years he's always been too afraid and this past week when it was Fun Thursday he decided now was the time. He climbed right up and slid down without one moment's hesitation and swam to the side. I was proud of him. 

We're going to miss Miss Pam and Miss Mindee so much! We've enjoyed our time swimming with them so much. I'm amazed at how far Ty has come in these past 4 years. I LOVE watching him learn stroke work and hope that next summer he can be on a swim team.

TJ's fellow supervisors took him out for a farewell party. They went out to eat at good Texas BBQ place and then got pedicures!! Karman sent this picture :) He really has had some great fellow employees these past 5 years and we're grateful for all the USANA has done for us. We're excited to move on but it's been good! Only a few more days of work left!!!

I avoid Walmart like the plague- I just hate it. But every once in awhile it's necessary and much cheaper for a particular item. This was us after the painters were painting all. day. long and it was easier to stay out of the house. We spent 5 hours doing 8 different errands with 4 crazy boys!! The crazy part is that I've gotten the boys to like Swig- they're favorite drinks are the Sprite mixes called The Missionary and Tiny Turtle. TJ just rolls his eyes when they bring it up. But I really do love hanging with these guys and for the most part, they really are so good when we're out and about. 
The other day I was in Costco and saw a mom with 5 boys and then was holding a tiny little baby girl. Our eyes met and we just smiled at each other knowingly. As we passed she said, "Keep trying. Don't give up hope!" It was funny.

Interesting development happened this week- I was working on signing Levi up for Pre-K through the district since we qualify. I also had registered Ty for kinder through the neighborhood school, just following my new plan that I felt good about. However I was so surprised when I got an email back saying that they didn't approve Levi. I got in touch with people and was told he doesn't qualify because he'll already be 5 years old. So I did a ton of research and found that my options were to find a private preschool, send him to kindergarten or keep him at home for a year. The last one wasn't an option at all because I just can't do that to him. He'd be so crazy bored, he'd be so sad to not be with Ty and he needs to keep learning and being stimulated. The preschool research I did made me realize I'm not in Utah anymore. Holy crazy prices!! I'm realizing now Kids Village is a bargain!! We're talking at least $1,000 a month for anything at all and almost all preschools included day care as well.  I joined an Austin Moms facebook page and I said the cheapest I could find was for $150/week and they said that was such a good deal. They were saying they pay $1900/month and that's after a discount!! So.....after being confused and unsure and talking it over with TJ and my mom extensively, I finally decided to send him to kinder and put Ty in 1st grade (there was no way I'd put them both in kindergarten). 
I feel good about it now and feel like I don't really have any other good alternatives. So the main issue that I had figure out in my head was why in the heck did I go through all that decision-making earlier and felt good about the opposite choice???? I came to the conclusion that parenting is not a straight path with black and white choices. It's a constant give and take, learning and relearning and adapting. It was a good exercise on following the Spirit, studying it out in my mind, and making a choice but still being willing and open to what needs to happen. 
Obviously, I didn't want to hold Levi back and have Ty repeat. I knew it could make them soooo disappointed and wasn't the easiest route to take. But I was willing to put my selfish wants aside and do what's best for them. Having them both go to school all day long and only have the two little babies at home sounds heavenly. But if it would be better for them, I'd drive Levi to wherever and do the half day juggling thing again, have babies miss naps and sleep in the car and deal with cranky kids, trying to kill time for 2 hours between drop off/pick up. But now that that's not an option, I just have to go forward and trust that things will work out and I'm almost giddy with excitement. It's like I've been offered a cookie and can even take two!! So hopefully I learned what I needed to learn from this weird little scenario and 1st grade and kindergarten will be the right thing for these boys!! 

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