Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Big News!

This past week we heard back from the Ensign Group... TJ accepted a position with them for the Administrator in Training program in the southern part of Austin, Texas!! We'll be in a small town called Kyle for the next 6 months. Then if all goes well, after the 6 months TJ will gain his license to be able to be a director over assisted living facilities and will be given his very own facility! So there is a chance we'd have to move again after the 6 months are over but most likely we'll stay in Texas. So pretty big stuff for our little family!

TJ is going to start July 10th and me and the boys will head out in the middle of August after I'm done with my statistics class and my brother's wedding in AZ. So we're already scrambling and getting things ready to move since TJ only has 3 weeks left here in Utah and there's a lot to do to get our house ready to sell. We're also only taking about 1/3 of our belongings since we're downsizing to something temporary like an apartment for the next 6 months while we're there. So I'm busy organizing and cleaning out and trying to sell stuff online!! It'll be a crazy summer for sure!!

I've also made a big decision as far as the boys' education goes. A few weeks ago I took Levi to a kindergarten assessment here (in case we stayed in UT) and there was a paper there that talked all about summer birthdays and how they really recommend holding those kids back a year. It went on and on about the social/emotional benefits and it really struck me really hard. It even considered holding back late April and May birthdays!!! I was shocked when I read that. I'd never considered even once holding Levi back just because he's SO ready for kindergarten and reading so well. Well, after a week of fasting, praying, researching a ton, and talking to a bunch of moms who have summer b-day kids and moms that I trust and admire, I came to the conclusion that it would only be better for Levi (I also came to the conclusion that I like Benson's christmas birthday better than summer birthdays- you don't have to make the agonizing decision of sending or holding back!!!). 
Academics isn't the only factor to consider and it would help in so many other ways. I also came to the conclusion that it seems crazy to hold back Levi but to send on my autistic kid!! I was honestly worried sick about all this until the thought popped into my head to hold back both kids. Have Ty repeat kindergarten, especially since we'd be moving to a new place and can start fresh and no one would know. Once that thought came to my mind, I instantly felt at peace about it all. I felt like it was either hold them both back or send them both- all or nothing. These two are best friends and TJ and I have always felt it important to keep them close in school since there's a good chance they'll have the same friends as they get older. Also, Texas has all day kindergarten which is a perfect transition for Ty. In his private, half day kindergarten he's never experienced riding the bus, recess, cafeteria, backpacks or lunch boxes- what a perfect new and exciting thing for him to experience while not feeling bad that it's kinder again. The timing is so right and it wouldn't be in any other way.

I've already talked to the boys about this all a few times, taking very delicate steps about it all. Telling them that they'll be leaders and the oldest and need to show the other kids how and what to do- they get really excited about it now. I think socially and emotionally it'll be SO good for both of them. Ty and I call it "Kindergarten Step 2" since some states like Texas have two years of kinder if you want ;) 
I've definitely noticed that Ty often acts younger than kids born in 2009 and cries easier about things. Given an extra year to mature and for his speech/language to catch up will only benefit him more. Plus if we're moving in the middle of the school year and not really settled, we have time to spare since he's already way ahead in kindergarten anyways and he needs his maturity to catch up to him. Anyways, didn't mean to write a novel about all this but I wanted to remember all this. I'm grateful Heavenly Father sent this thought into my head and gave me the answer that is right for our family. 

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Jennifer said...

That's so great about the new job and the school decision! I know a lot of kids with summer birthdays who's parents hold them back a year. I think it totally depends on the kids but it definitely sounds like it's the right decision for you. Way to go, momma!