Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ty's Graduation

 Ty graduated from kindergarten last week! 
He had such a wonderful school year, great teacher, good friends and learned so much. 
He only missed two days of school which I thought was pretty impressive (one day was because of Jessie's wedding and the other was for TJ's graduation- pretty legit excuses for missing if you ask me!). He's SO excited to be in 1st grade now. His teachers all had such great things to say about him and commented on how obedient and kind and friendly he was to all his classmates. Pretty proud of this kiddo!!
It was pretty awesome of Aunt Ginger and her boys to come along with Mamita to watch Ty! It's always so nice to have family support!!
Ty's class sang, "God Bless America", "You are my Sunshine", and another little song about people in the world. I knew this way ahead of time because Ty was always singing in the car, in the shower and while he was playing at home :) He did great!

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