Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ty's Family Party

For the last several months, all Ty has talked about was having an "Uncle and Aunt Birthday Party at the Dinosaur Museum in Lehi, Utah". He was so excited that the Wengerts would be here for dad's graduation so close to his birthday so he chose to have a family birthday over a friend birthday. I thought that was so sweet and showed how much he loves his family, especially Jordan, Janae and Tanner. Janae ended up making it to state for her 4x4 relay team so she couldn't be there but she was so sweet to send a present and be so involved still. 
Ty was definitely so spoiled and got lots of Star Wars legos and toys, a pair of Nike shorts and books. He loved the dinosaur museum as well and I was really impressed because the last time we were there (over a year ago) was with his Giant Steps class on a field trip. He had a VERY hard time on that field trip and was terrified of everything. He hated the giant fossils and animals hanging from the ceiling and wouldn't even start to set foot inside this very dark space tunnel. But this time... he did AWESOME! He loved it all and didn't even have a problem with a thing! In the space tunnel he did hold my hand and walk very close to me but it was like he was a completely different kid. I was amazed and very grateful at how far he's come this year. 
Happy Birthday to my Ty Ty!! 

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