Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day 2016

It was so nice to have my mom here for Mother's Day! I was trying to think of when the last time that happened and I couldn't remember. It could be close to ten years!!! It just worked out to be perfect timing with TJ's graduation happening in the same weekend. After church TJ and the guys made us a huge, awesome, delicious whole30 meal since I'm on day 14 of my third round of whole30 (come off baby weight!!!!). It was a nice relaxing day with them all until my parents had to leave for the airport :(

Not the most flattering picture of myself (we'll blame it on the angle and the lighting, ha!) but I love how all the boys are snuggled so closely. I told them all I wanted for Mother's Day was a picture of us together. Without hesitation they came in close and smiled big- it was cute.  They really are such sweet boys and I'm so lucky to be their momma. 

This weekend included soccer games for both boys, TJ taking the boys and cousins to the new church museum while my parents and I went to Malorie and Jameson's temple sealing, In N Out stop for Jordy, and gearing up for the last week of school!! Sadly, Jordan's mission call didn't come! But that means any day now FOR SURE!!

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