Wednesday, May 4, 2016

These kiddos

 These kids- man, my whole life revolves around them and what they're doing and thinking and saying and for some reason, I really like it!??! I don't' understand it myself but for now I'm content to just let myself keep on keepin' on with these boys.

Ty has grown up so much lately and it's really fun to have another human around- not a baby, not a toddler or even little kid but just a regular kid who can help, understand, reasons and have conversations with. He's dressing more like a grown up kid and sometimes I have to look twice because my baby is not a baby!!
Levi had a brillant idea to hand-cuff himself to Tigee so he wouldn't lose him anymore. It's been like that for 2 days straight.
Benson has suddenly become a drool/spit up/sucks-on-everything monster necessitating new bibs to try to save an outfit or two each day. He's almost acting as if he's teething as he loves to chomp and suck on my fingers constantly?? He seems way to little for teething, especially since my other boys were late teethers but we'll see. We also got out the umbrella stroller- halleluiah!! I love it when babies get to this stage- so much easier to haul around and my babies always like looking around to see what's going on. 
And Shaddie is the only one not pictured- probably because he's at the impossible-to-photograph 2 year old stage... but we still love him and he's still in our family. 

Last spelling test of the year- amazing how far these little kindergarteners have come!

Bored cowboy at Ty's game. 
We had to miss Levi's game since we had to drive straight to a baptism two hours away right after Ty's game. It's the rancher-side of my fam so that means church clothes become wranglers and boots with shirt and ties. 

Spring soccer has resumed (our league has two seasons- a fall and spring season) and Ty was pretty excited to get back to his old team. In the fall he never scored any goals but I was just happy he was enjoying it so much, fit in perfectly socially, and couldn't wait for practices and games. 

But for whatever reason, he's suddenly had the lightbulb go off and he's flourishing as a little soccer player!! He's scored 2-3 goals each game so far and showing a lot of coordination. He's even gotten a few break-aways and even understanding the concept of defence- it's pretty fun to watch! What's funny is that he's the shortest kid on the team- I never thought of him as small but I guess he kind of is! Anyways, we're just happy he's out there having fun and making good friends.

Using his hand to make himself smile. 

Last weekend we went Payson's baptism- it was great to be there with KiLeigh and Orrin's family and see their new house in Duchesne. Our kids love roaming free on their little farm and playing with cousins.

Thanks Shutterfly for my free announcements!!!! Can't believe it's finally here!!!!! TWO MORE DAYS!

Monday night we an MHA graduation dinner- it was fun to be there with many of his classmates that he's talked about for the past 3 years. But what was even more fun is taking a picture for the last time in front of this building!!! Allison Laulusa Harris and her husband, Brian, were there with their two daughters since he is graduating soon as well. It was fun to catch up with her!! Love my Marana people!
Of course, at that dinner they had unlimited Cafe Rio that was catered there- I'm on my 3rd round of Whole30 and couldn't eat one single tortilla. What luck!! ;) I'm still going to the gym 5 days a week trying to scrape this baby weight off!!! This baby weight in my 30's thing is waaaay harder than back in the 20's!! 

I loaded up the boys and we went to watch Lawson and Parker's T-ball game- they were so cute to watch!!! We love our cousins!! 
It worked out perfect because TJ had a soccer game right down the road. It was really fun for the boys to watch him play since it had been years and they were babies the last time TJ was free to play in a league. I thought it was kinda cute how TJ started playing again the second school was done- he never once complained about not being able to play but I know he missed it a lot these past three years. His soccer friends that he's grown up his whole life playing with would text him every couple months to see if he'd be able to play and I know it was hard for him to turn them down over and over. Just another small sacrifice TJ willingly gave for us so that he could go to school and provide for us better :)

Benson is definitely his momma's boy- doesn't like any light while he's trying to sleep. I find him asleep like this a lot. He needs a sleep mask like me.

The boys were watching Power Rangers and I overheard Ty yell out "It's Mormon time!" instead of morphin' time. Made me laugh out loud. 

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