Wednesday, May 4, 2016

School Birthdays

 The boys each got to bring birthday cupcakes into their classes this past week since Ty had his real birthday and Levi was able to celebrate his "un-birthday" (for summer birthdays). This was a BIG deal and lots of time and planning went into deciding what kind of treat they each wanted :) Ty brought in Darth Vader cupcakes and Levi wanted BB-8. The boys have such awesome teachers this year- we'll be sad to be leaving Kids Village!! They've been so good to us!
It's also been so fun to have these two at the same school together- so frequently I see them coming out of the school holding hands or hugging. Yesterday I asked Ty who his best friend was and he said Levi. Even after I prodded him and listed friends from school, church and the neighborhood, he still said Levi. Makes me happy that these two will always have each other for the rest of their lives. How neat it'd be to have a sibling so close in age and so close in friendship too! Love it!

Can't believe there's only one more week of school left!

Ty and Luke have been good buddies ever since they were 2 1/2 years old at Bridges Autism Preschool. Back then they both had a lot of issues and Luke's mom, Keisha, and I would've never dreamed they'd be where they're at right now! It's been a neat friendship to have over these past few years and grateful for support from fellow autism moms who 'get it.' Next year for 1st grade these two will go to their own local schools- no more specialized school for either one!! Pretty exciting!

It just happened to be May the 4th Star Wars day when Levi brought in his cupcakes- he thought he was super cool because of it ;)


Ty's kindergarten graduation pictures ;)

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