Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 1st is here!

 These boys were literally counting down the days until May 1st- Ty's birthday! (Levi likes it when it's Ty's birthday because that means he's next- ha). Mr. Ty Ty was so excited for it and thought it was cool that it was on a Sunday. He got to wear a Birthday Boy button, wore a grown-up kid tie with Angel Moroni on it (like Uncle Tanner's) and got sung to at Primary. Before church he got to open a present and after church we had his favorite food for dinner- quesadillas. We also sang Happy Birthday with candles in rainbow sherbert ice cream. He thought it was a pretty awesome day. His cousin Parker stopped by that afternoon with a little present as well- it was so nice of them and Ty was in heaven. :) Cousins are awesome!!
That night I found this little note in the back of my planner- it melted my heart and was my very first spontaneous  'real' note from one of my kids. I loved it and it just wrapped up a nice day so well. 

My family is coming into town this weekend for TJ's graduation and since none of them have ever been around for his birthday, he chose to have what he calls an "Uncle and Aunt Birthday Party" instead of a friend birthday. I thought it was cute and sweet. He was SO excited at the thought of Jordan, Janae and Tanner being at his REAL birthday PARTY!! He's talked about it for months. I made invitations just so he'd feel like it was a real party and he mailed them to each of my siblings. Big deal, I'm telling you. ;) Six year olds make things fun- I'm really liking this age so far!!

(I'm pretty proud of this awesome gift- a Star Wars sleeping bag that was $49.00 that was on clearance for $11.99 and I had ten dollars Kohls cash- score!)

"Dear Mom, I wrote this little note for you! I love you so much- Love, Ty"

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