Sunday, May 22, 2016

Levi's Graduation

 Levi graduated from Preschool this past week! He's spent the last two years at Kids Village and this year we also supplemented with Upstart online program that Utah offers. It's been so good for him and I'm convinced that's why he's full on reading for the last 3 months or so. He just picked it up on his own- I was pretty amazed and glad that it came so easy!
He's LOVED his years at school and literally is SO excited for kindergarten. He wishes it would start in June because he says that he just cannot wait. :) He's a July summer birthday so it's tricky to know whether to send them or not. I've debated back and forth but ultimately I knew the right choice was just to send him. He's sooooo ready and he wants to be with Ty badly. They are so close that I just can't break them up farther apart. For some reason, I've always just felt really good about sending him and at peace about it. I hope he grows a lot soon so he's not so little and short- that's the only part that worries me. Mentally, socially, emotionally- he seems to be right on par with everyone else. It's just physically.... :) 
I'm so proud of this kid for being so kind and obedient and a friend to everyone. His teachers had such wonderful things to say about him and everyone likes Levi. Way to go bud!

They had the cutest little program- very well done and Levi said his favorite part was when they got to throw their hats in the air!

TJ ( or any other family) couldn't come to this one since it was at 11 am so it was just me and the boys. (I say that because that's why there's less pictures with Levi's graduation than with Ty's- I was flying solo :). 

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