Tuesday, May 10, 2016


On Friday May 6, 2016 TJ graduated from the University of Utah with his degrees.

Master of Business Administration
Master of Healthcare Administration
Graduate Certificate in Information Systems

He managed to do all this while working full time at USANA Health Sciences in Salt Lake, being a good dad and husband, serving in church callings and completing an internship for the MHA portion. He started in August 2013 and somehow managed to double up on classes during certain semesters which enabled him to graduate now instead of three more months from now, as well as adding on a certificate too. I have no idea how he did it all. But let me just say that our entire family graduated last Friday as well. This has taken a really big toll on our family, everyone sacrificed and everyone celebrated knowing what a big accomplishment it was. We went from 2 kids to 4 during this time period, moved from Pleasant Grove to Lehi and countless other events and life happenings. I was mostly a single mom Monday- Thursday with TJ at work very early in the morning and at class until 10:30 at  night. I worked part time at Utah Valley ER for the first part of his school, then went down to once a week after Shad was born and then stopped working completely last June in order to focus on TJ getting through the last intense part of school. The boys have missed their dad for so many days/nights that it's so exciting to have him back and around so much more. It's all going to be so worth it all and will pay off. I'm sure of it. An education is the best investment you can give yourself. I firmly believe that.
Looking back now I can't believe we did it! But we had a LOT of help and support along the way and we're so grateful for that. I'm so proud and thankful for TJ and what he's done and provided for us. Now it's on to the next chapter of life and I'm excited to see what that is!! Right now he is flying back from California from a job interview with The Ensign Group. He said he was told he'd hear back from them within the next 48 hours..... 

TJ with Jenn, Jason and Nate- his good buddies that have been on this same journey the past three years.

After the ceremony we went out to eat at a really good mexican restaurant with everyone to celebrate. This boys had a blast together with their chips and cheese and quesadillas!

Claudine, a co-worker of TJ's, made these candy leis for each one of us! It was so thoughtful and kind of her!!

Trying to get through a long graduation ceremony with a bunch of little kids was a bit challenging! Once we made it through the graduate students we all snuck out into the halls since there was no way we could last through all the undergraduates :) Eventually TJ snuck out too so it all worked out.

We were SO grateful and touched to all who came to support us!! It means so much to us. 

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