Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May Stuff

This is a pretty common sight at our house :) Even though TJ has graduated it's almost as if this next phase- job hunting- is more tiring, more work and more mentally taxing! We both expected to have a job lined up before graduation and that it'd come much easier- guess we were a little naive! But that's okay, it'll come and when it does, it'll be that much sweeter!

Yesterday we celebrated our 7 year anniversary!! Whoo hoo! It seriously feels like it's been at least 10?? Seven seems way to small of number, ha- in a good way. :) Since TJ is in Texas this week (for a job interview/shadowing/observation thingy) we went to dinner and a movie last weekend. Without fail, we're never together on our actual anniversary day. Something always comes up- it's a running joke. So grateful for this guy though! He's a keeper and as time goes on I realize how much more I love him and what he means to me and our little family.

T-ball has started!! So between two practices and two games every week, along with two soccer games, we're at the park a lot! It's fun, I enjoy watching these boys have so much fun. They were counting down the days until T-ball started. No one would coach Levi's team so I said TJ and I would do it. With our life plans so up in the air I didn't want to commit but I guess we'll make it work! 
We went to BYU for Benson to participate in a little study the psych department was doing. The boys acted as if we were going to Disneyland. And a little BYU creamery ice cream always helps too.

Shaddie and Penny are just barely starting to get old enough to play together. It's pretty cute to watch since you can't understand what Shad's saying and Penny doesn't say much at all. They thought they were SO funny lying on the stairs and wanted Benson to lay down too. 

After each of the boys' graduations, they got to pick out a book at the book fair. The lady there had these big kid books that were a perfect transition from picture books to chapter books. I thought they were so perfect for Ty. However, by the time we drove from their preschool to Costco he had finished one entire book!! It was 3 chapters and pretty big letters but still! So Levi has already inherited them and has read one over the last few days. :) I love how much my boys love to read. Hmmm, wonder where they got that from?? ;)

Benson turned 5 months old! He seriously is SO drooly, slobbery and spitting up all the time!! He goes through at least 3 outfits a day just due to drool. But we all like his slobbery kisses so it works out. ;)

A few weeks ago we sold the boys' old loft bunk bed that had a slide and got a bigger bunk bed that all 3 boys can sleep on. It's been awesome since Shad sleeps better there with someone with him. It's just funny how every night there's a mess of pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and boys. Sometimes Ty get scared and all 3 of them are on the bottom bunk. 

Lexi and I used Benson as a model to try on bows for baby girl that's coming in August :) I can't wait for her to come and Lexi and Shawnda were SO excited to end with one last little girl!

I finally got around to giving Bens baby cereal- he acted just like all the other boys. He wasn't really a fan and hardly ate any of it. We ended when his hand flew up and hit the spoon, making it go into his eyes. :) 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ty's Graduation

 Ty graduated from kindergarten last week! 
He had such a wonderful school year, great teacher, good friends and learned so much. 
He only missed two days of school which I thought was pretty impressive (one day was because of Jessie's wedding and the other was for TJ's graduation- pretty legit excuses for missing if you ask me!). He's SO excited to be in 1st grade now. His teachers all had such great things to say about him and commented on how obedient and kind and friendly he was to all his classmates. Pretty proud of this kiddo!!
It was pretty awesome of Aunt Ginger and her boys to come along with Mamita to watch Ty! It's always so nice to have family support!!
Ty's class sang, "God Bless America", "You are my Sunshine", and another little song about people in the world. I knew this way ahead of time because Ty was always singing in the car, in the shower and while he was playing at home :) He did great!

Levi's Graduation

 Levi graduated from Preschool this past week! He's spent the last two years at Kids Village and this year we also supplemented with Upstart online program that Utah offers. It's been so good for him and I'm convinced that's why he's full on reading for the last 3 months or so. He just picked it up on his own- I was pretty amazed and glad that it came so easy!
He's LOVED his years at school and literally is SO excited for kindergarten. He wishes it would start in June because he says that he just cannot wait. :) He's a July summer birthday so it's tricky to know whether to send them or not. I've debated back and forth but ultimately I knew the right choice was just to send him. He's sooooo ready and he wants to be with Ty badly. They are so close that I just can't break them up farther apart. For some reason, I've always just felt really good about sending him and at peace about it. I hope he grows a lot soon so he's not so little and short- that's the only part that worries me. Mentally, socially, emotionally- he seems to be right on par with everyone else. It's just physically.... :) 
I'm so proud of this kid for being so kind and obedient and a friend to everyone. His teachers had such wonderful things to say about him and everyone likes Levi. Way to go bud!

They had the cutest little program- very well done and Levi said his favorite part was when they got to throw their hats in the air!

TJ ( or any other family) couldn't come to this one since it was at 11 am so it was just me and the boys. (I say that because that's why there's less pictures with Levi's graduation than with Ty's- I was flying solo :). 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Last Week of School

This past week was the last week of school! With that came Spirit Week which was pretty fun for the boys. Monday and Tuesday they had a teddy bear picnic, Wednesday was crazy hair day, Thursday was stripes/dots day and Friday was Kids Village T-shirt day. I'm kinda sad it's over but then half of me is ready for a little less of hectic schedules and not needing to get out the door every single morning at 8:30 am with all 4 ready for the day and all dailies done. 

Crazy hair day was kinda fun and I got inspiration from Pinterest, of course. But what was even more amazing is that Ty had no problem with the blue hair spray paint. Last Halloween he wouldn't let me touch him with black or orange spray so Levi did it alone. It wasn't even an option or consideration. However, this time he was super excited about it and didn't hesitate when I started spraying- amazing!!!! I knew I wanted to spray their hair just to test Ty with it- win, win!! They called themselves the "Ocean Brothers" since they both had blue heads. Levi's Nemo fish were glue-guned on with bobby pins and Ty's pirate lego boat was with a giant hair clip :)

Both boys have learned SO much this year- I really am amazed by how much. One funny thing that Ty is doing (and hopefully it's just a phase) from having learned so much this past year is that he literally spells out words in the air with his finger while he talks. For example, if he's asking for a drink of orange juice he'll spell out 'orange' while asking. It doesn't seem to be obsessive or compulsive- he does it about 50% of the time. So hopefully it's no big deal and that he's just getting very good spelling practice every day, all day long! ;)

 My little sister, Jordan, got her mission call!! We were skyping when she opening it. It was pretty exciting to hear Australia Brisbane Mission!! She leaves Oct. 5 and couldn't be happier about it all. I'm pretty proud of her, especially the fact that she genuinely wants this for herself and not just because all 5 of her older siblings served and her 2 younger ones can't wait to serve. This is the first of 'my babies' leaving and I often tear up just thinking about it! Jordan, Janae and Tanner will always be my babies because I helped raise them and literally remember them being born. 
I love my Jordy poo!

Miss Cheri- Ty's kindergarten teacher

Miss Sammie- Levi's preschool teacher. 

We gave them both a end of year thank you present with cute little Pinterest print outs of a movie theme- popcorn, candy, Swig gift card and 2 movie tickets. On the little card that went with it the boys each wrote a note. Levi wrote, "Thank you for making me SO smart." :) He was as serious as can be. 

Ty got a break away and ran on to score a goal! It was awesome!

I'm on my last week of my third round of whole30. Man, this baby weight is tough!!!