Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Meeting Anniston

Vannessa and Baby Anniston came to Utah for a few days to surprise my father-in-law over his 60th birthday weekend! We were super excited to meet this little girl who is the first granddaughter after 13 grandsons in a row! The only lame part was that Blake and Tatum had to stay home :( But it was a great weekend and fun being together with TJ's side of the family for 4 days in a row!! 
On Thursday we met at a mexican restaurant and surprised Guy with all of us being there. He knew Vannessa was coming sometime at the end of the month but didn't expect her now. It was really fun to see the surprise on his face and how excited and happy he was. He's not a very outwardly emotional person so I loved seeing how happy and excited he was :) 
Friday TJ and I were planning on using my Tucanos birthday coupon and Vannessa and Anniston came along. Saturday was the surprise 60th birthday party for Guy and it was neat to see so many people gather for him. 
Sunday we had the blessing for Anniston and it was just at Guy and Ruth's house since they had Stake Conference that day. About a year ago or so I came across this huge sale Covenant Book was having and they had a huge rack of super fancy blessing dresses marked down to $4.99!!! It was so crazy! I grabbed 3 of them knowing that somehow I'd put them to good use even if I don't ever end up having a girl. So it was perfect to use for sweet Anni and she looked so beautiful in it!! I had an extra bow that matched perfectly and I felt as proud as if I was her own mother dressing her! I seriously have such issues- I find so much satisfaction in dressing up little baby girls!! ;) I was quite proud of her outfit and it was really neat to be there.

Cade- 4 months
Anniston- 10 weeks
Benson- 4 months

Ty colored the kids menu and was super excited when he got to hang it up with the other ones they had around the restaurant.

Look at that dress and bow- could she look any cuter??? I think not!!!

All the Hendriksen cousins, except for Tatum (Vannessa's step-daughter). 14 grandkids together!

Levi- 4 1/2 years
Shad- 2 years
Dimitri- 18 months
Ty- almost 6 years
Brock- 5 years
Easton- 12 1/2 years 
Anniston- 10 weeks
Cole- 10 1/2 years
Cade- 4 months
Peyton- 8 1/2 years
Benson- 4 months
Trey- 6 1/2 years
Parker- 4 years
Lawson- 2 1/2 years

Since Cade and Benson both had their 4 month well child checks and were cleared to try some solid foods, Ging and I did it together with some mashed avocado we had. Neither baby was too happy about it ;)

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