Saturday, April 2, 2016

Last Weekend

Last weekend we went to our little HOA sponsored Easter Egg hunt in our local park. The boys had helped me stuff the eggs for it so they were excited since "they worked hard for it." There were hundreds of eggs everywhere and it's always so crazy how the egg hunt lasts maybe whole 2 minutes! Shad was happy when he found one yellow one and was done. Levi ran too slow so he only got 2 eggs and Ty went off on his own and got a bunch and got lost after- ha. But they enjoyed it and it was so nice that it was so close to our house that we walked. 

Afterwards we went to Heber for a ride on the old Heber Railway. Groupon had a fun little deal that made it super cheap and I've always wanted to take the boys on it but it's always been ridiculously expensive. They had Easter bunnies on board, real train conductors, singing, dancing, free eggs with candy to the kids, a magician doing magic tricks, a petting zoo and afterwards we bought kettle corn and had a little picnic, which the boys thought was sooooo cool. All 3 boys did not want anything to do with the Easter bunny but there were no tears or freaking out! That's progress! It actually turned out being a really fun family outing with everyone behaving quite well! 

Ty and Levi thought they were super awesome looking with their new Nike sweatshirts (I found on clearance) and sunglasses. It's interesting, as the boys are growing up I'm finding it's worth it for higher quality clothing (like Nike, UnderArmor that I find with good deals) since it lasts so much longer and can make it through at least 2 boys. The cheap stuff is starting to not even last all the way through one single boy even. This past school year, I bought one good, brand new pair of Nike shoes and they are still in great condition. I then can get the next boy to wear them until they finally wear out.  The things I'm learning!! ;)

We're still struggling with Benson's diaper rash problems. I'm thinking he's definitely allergic to wipes and possibly even diapers. It's been two months straight of dealing with this and it needs to resolve. After talking to the nurse yesterday, our final regimine is to soak him in a baking soda bath 3x a day, no wipes, put Lotrimin cream on it and air dry 5-10 min 3x a day. We're giving it until Monday to see if any improvement. I don't think it'll work and am thinking we might need to become a CLOTH DIAPER family- ahhh!! I've never even considered once of ever doing cloth diapers!! I found 2 boxes of cloth wipes on ksl for $8 that I'm going to start using for sure but I'm hesitant to tackle the full on cloth diaper routine! I was researching all about it on Friday and it's kind of overwhelming and confusing- at least the washing and maintenance part. My neighbor had two that she wasn't using and gave them to me- we'll see what happens!!

Tigee is home!!! Levi has been watching the mail every single day for the past week after he called Grandma Wengert in tears to tell her Tigee was lost. We think we lost him in Target last week and I searched everywhere for him. He's was a little hard to describe to the workers since he was missing both eyes, his nose had been chewed off, his stripes rubbed off and half of his stuffing was gone. Plus Lev used him as a personal nose wiper so he was in pretty bad shape. But overall, pretty good since we got him over 2 years ago at the Tucson Sonoran Museum. Grandma Wengert had bought him for Levi which is why Lev went straight to her to see if she could get a replacement. Of course she did and mailed it right away, along with a cute card written by Tigee. He was beyond thrilled and kept saying how cute he was :) It was so nice of my mom and I'm grateful for her for the little things. This will be a memory he'll always remember and I'm grateful we have such wonderful grandparents on both sides. 

(He dressed up in Ty's old T-ball outfit when him and Ty went out to practice T-ball. Ty was teaching him and it was adorable to watch. Ty kept saying, "good job, Lev!" and "Homerun!! Go LEVI!" I was just glad no one got hit in the head with the bat).

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