Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Growing Up

These boys are in the homestretch for the end of the school year!! It's gone by so fast and they have enjoyed it SO much! We're looking forward to summer but also a little sad that life at our wonderful little school is coming to an end!!

This little guy turned 4 months old!! 

Weight: 16 lbs, 2 oz, 64th percentile
Length: 26.3 inches, 91st percentile!
Head Circ: 17.3 inches, 97th percentile

Still has that huge Hendriksen head! Our sweet Bens is so much more alert and aware of things going on, he likes having the cover off of his car seat so he can see the boys, loves sucking on blankets and his giraffe binky, smiles very easy (unlike Shaddie at this age!!), wakes up about once in the night to eat, loves his carseat and likes to go to sleep in it as long as someone is swinging it and getting an arm workout. He's very drooly and spits up frequently so we've started the frequent bib wearing. He's pretty chill and calm and doesn't seem to care that Shad literally lays directly on top of him throughout the entire day calling him "my bebe." His little eyes follow me as I go in and out of the kitchen as he sits in his bumbo and he can now sit in the umbrella stroller which is so much easier to haul around. I don't think this little baby could be loved any more.

Sitting next door with my neighbor Kelby when we realize we have NINE children between the two of us!! How did that happen?? When we moved here it was only five!! What a difference two years has made! 
What's funny about this picture is that I was sitting here on Kelby's porch holding Benson and the twins were already in their bouncy chairs. Shad disappears for a little bit and then we see him dragging Benson's bouncy chair across the lawn and driveway towards us! He realized Benson was being left out and had to go home to our house to get his!! ;) 

I'm still just so amazed at what these kindergarteners are learning and how much Ty has learned this year!! It never ceases to amaze me. I certainly wasn't learning double digit subtraction, equalities, time and writing number sentences! This year has been SO good for Ty and exactly what he needed. 

Since the charter school that these boys got into (if we stay in Utah) is wanting all of Levi's paperwork for kindergarten next year, I went ahead and scheduled their yearly well child visits early. So last week- all in the same appointment-  Ty had his 6 year old check, Levi had his 5 year old check and kindergarten shots and Benson had his 4 months checkup and shots. I didn't tell Levi that he'd be getting shots because I knew it was going to be as if the world was crashing down on him. I think he kinda of knew though because he brought his giraffe along to "make me happy." And all I can say is that if I never get my girl, Levi will be the closest thing I'll get to one because draaaaaama!! Holy cow! I love Alpine Peds because they are so fast and efficient, especially with shots. But he sobbed and yelled and cried so loud. I had to carry him and the carseat with Benson in it out the door. Then when I made him walk, he said in between crying that "my legs just hurt so bad that I can only walk like a sloth" as he proceeded to walk inch by inch. From that time forward I didn't baby him at all, forcing him to walk and do normal things. But it didn't matter, that night and the next morning were more and more tears as he limped along so dramatic or laid in bed, lamenting at how bad he hurt. At times he would forget and walk normal until he remembered :) The next morning at his soccer game he said he couldn't run and was limping/walking/jogging in a weird kind of trot until we ignored it enough for him to forget about it and he started having fun. Half way through the game he was playing like normal and from then on he was fine!!! Seriously!! Drama!!! :) 

Ty's 6 year old stats: 

Weight: 42.8 lbs, 32nd percentile
Height: 44.1 inches, 25th percentile

I never thought of Ty as short and to me, he seemed to have grown a TON this past year. He wears size 7 pants and shorts and he started the school year in size 5's. But I noticed last Saturday that he's definitely the shortest on his soccer team which surprised me. So I guess the 25th percentile makes sense. Hopefully both of these boys GROW and keep growing!!

Levi limping along at his soccer game :) 

These past two weekends have been so cold and rainy!! It's like the weather waits until soccer games and then dips down so that we're all on the sidelines bundled up. I finally had to go wait in the car because Bens was done and was just too cold. 

Levi's 5 year old stats:

Weight: 34 lbs, 10th percentile 
(we're finally in double digits!!)
Height: 40.3 inches, 12th percentile

I guess I shouldn't be so surprised that he easily fits in the bumbo!

When I got the block of cheese out of the fridge it looked as if a little mice had had a snack ;)

Last weekend I went to Cinderella, the play that the middle school put on and that 5 of my kids in my Sunday School class were in. It was fun to be there and see how happy they were that I came- and Benson slept through the whole thing- so win/win!

This kid graduated from speech!!! I had him retested just to make sure and he was in the 63rd percentile for speech- yahoo!!! It's made the last 2 years of loading up the kids for weekly speech appointments at the elementary school worth it! The speech therapist said the only sound that he didn't have was his "R" sound and that should come by 7-8 years old. The rest of the sounds he had mastered or would self-correct. She said he sounded like an above average 4 year old- so that was awesome news!!!! And what's even better- no more IEPs for either kid!! Yahoo!!

I took this picture because it reminds me of a humbling lesson that I learned this past week. Monday morning I heard a knock on the front door when we were rushing to get out the door to school. I opened it and was surprised to see a lady from the ward there with a casserole dish. She handed it to me and said this was for dinner tonight. She's older and so I assumed she just got me confused with someone else (there's literally a baby born every single week in our ward- for reals) but she assured me that it was "just because" and that I "had a lot of kids." :) Then she hurried out the door like she didn't want any praise or recognition. I was so surprised and shocked at how kind and thoughtful it was. I was also instantly humbled- I had wrongfully judged this lady who I had thought to be kind of grumpy. When I came into the primary presidency last year she was the nursery coordinator (which is a big job in our ward) and it was frustrating because she wasn't really doing her calling well. So needless to say, I had judged her for that and assumed I knew her and her shortcomings. Well, it was a lesson that will stick with me deeply and I'm grateful to her for following the Spirit to teach me a lesson I needed to learn. :)

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