Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter Morning

Every year we ask if the Easter Bunny will come on Saturday and he always follows through! 

The boys were really excited for the morning- they loved their new sunglasses and case the most- best $2 clearance item at Children's Place ever! They also loved their scripture cases. This year in Primary they are focusing on the scriptures and get points if they bring their scriptures every week. They look forward to lugging around their big triple combinations (that are me and TJ's) every week. I found these on sale at Deseret Book and then asked Debbie Bringhurst to embroider the names on them- I think they turned out so good! They were so proud to take them on Sunday. Everything else was just left over things from Christmas, birthdays or items I find throughout the year on clearance. I have boxes in my closet with each of the boys' names on it and I'll just put the good deals I find in their and so it makes it super convenient for holidays!

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