Monday, April 18, 2016


I can't help but smile when I look at this picture- my kids are so weird ;) My boys are SO into Star Wars!! And I don't even know how they got into it. Every weekend for the last several weeks we've watched one of the movies in order on VidAngel (so it cuts out scenes that would be too violent or scary to make it more age appropriate) and they count down the days until our next movie night. They know all the names of the characters and teach me stuff about it all the time. They read their Star Wars books and can pronounce all the weird, hard works like pros. It's really funny.

We got a surprise at my parent's house last weekend!! TJ and Devin had a granddaughter- a new baby alpaca!! They didn't even know the mom was pregnant and Janae just casually asked my dad why there was a baby alpaca in the field, haha. We had a big debate on what her name should be- Millie for Milagros or Connie for Conception- we're still debating. SO cute!!

Ginger and I had a rebellious night and went to the movies, on a school night (!!) with only Benson with us!!! We even went to Rubios before to use my free b-day meal- whoa! It was so fun and Saturday's Warriors was SO good!! Ging was bawling through it and I admit- I even tear up a few times!! ;) Benson slept the entire time we were gone so it was perfect! 
It was almost like reliving our childhood together. I'm so grateful for such great sister in laws. 

Well, this past Saturday I turned 31.... whoo hooo!!

I reached my goal of being able to run a 5K after having Benson even though it was a little rough.... there was this uphill part where I thought I was going to die but it was SO fun!! It was 38 degrees outside and super windy (crazy April in Utah!!) - my hands were freezing while I was sweating my brains out. I still have a good 20 lbs to loose after having him and it's coming off verrrrrry slowly. It's hard to not get discouraged so having little goals like this helps boost my morale. It's a good thing these kids are worth it- nothing else would be. For reals. I used to have such great, long eyelashes and good hair- gone. All gone. And because of kids. And obviously, the weight. Enough said. :) Anyways, here's to being 31! TJ and I are the same age again!

The night before me, Ty and Levi went out to Red Robbin to use my free bday burger (I really took advantage of all my bday freebies this year!!) for a little date night. It was so fun to just be with the older boys. They ate SO many french fries, ha!! 
After my race, I met the boys at Ty and Levi's soccer games where everyone was freezing and wrapped in blankets. Poor Benson had finally snuggled up against TJ to block the wind and fallen asleep- poor baby! Then I stopped by a Stake Relief Society Activity, came home and took a NAP (my favorite part of my entire birthday), and then we dropped the 3 older boys off at Guy and Ruth's house so we could have a date night. TJ took me to the movies and out to dinner at Applebees. We saw the new Jungle Book at a super fancy theater that had reclining lazy-boy seats- it was the comfiest movie I've ever watched! Benson just snuggled up against me so perfectly- it was pretty great. They gave us the last seats in the theater which were handicapped so we had even more room- it was pretty sweet!! 
On Sunday Lexi had us over for dinner and even had a cake and candles- it was so sweet and wrapped up quite the birthday weekend that I didn't even expect or need! We're so lucky to live around so much family!

Ty wrote this message on my birthday card all by himself- I was impressed!!

My brother Dallin won a very prestigious award from Utah State University- it was a pretty big deal and we're so proud of him and Amy. 
"The Legacy Award is given to one student who represents the true heart and soul of Utah State University, even during times of adversity." They chose him as an example of someone who has continued on in gaining an education despite serious setbacks. Go Dally!!

And another exciting piece of Wengert news, Derek and Emily got engaged!! Yay!! We're so excited for them and so happy to have Emily come into the family. I just love that they first met each other 5 years ago and went to prom together in high school. She grew up in Casa Grande so we're excited to plan on going to AZ in August for the wedding. 

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