Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lots of Green

Little Miss Anniston
Isn't my little niece beautiful??
WHY do all my cute little nieces live far away!!

My Grandpa Wengert came into town and it was so good to see him. As the years have gone on and it's been longer and longer since my grandma has been gone, it becomes further in between when I get to see him. It makes me realize how much I love this man and the legacy that he's created with his family.

I normally don't think twice about St. Patrick's Day but the boys came home from school talking about leprechauns and wearing green so it was fun to run by the dollar store and create a little excitement in the morning before school. They said they told their friends that our leprechaun named Lucky isn't naughty or makes messes- he cleans and only leaves green milk, gold coins and donuts. ;) I had cleaned the boys' room before they went to bed so it wouldn't take so long the next morning (they normally do it in the mornings but we had friends over that made it messy all over again) and so they were shocked and assumed Lucky cleaned it. Shad just liked having green milk and donuts- he could care less why ;)

Benson turned 3 months!!! It almost seemed overnight that he is no longer a newborn. He's starting to be content to lay on a blanket and look around or have a brother near talking to him. He's only waking up once in the night, around 1:30 am, for a bottle and then will stir around 4 am but usually go back to sleep with a pacifier. He's getting to be pretty predictable and fits right into our schedule. Today at the gym he had the biggest explosion diaper ever- I had to clean the back of his knee creases!!! He likes to not go for 2 days and then explode! And he waits until I'm at the gym!! He's smiley and talkative and I heard his first giggles a few days ago. This week he got weighed at a doctor's appointment and he was 14 lbs, 11 oz!! I've gotten out all 6 month clothes and he's wearing size 2 diapers. The only problem with this baby is that he much he allergic to wet wipes or diapers?? Is that possible? Ever since he was about 7 weeks old he's had a diaper rash on his thighs and diaper folds area from where the diaper rubs. I've tried everything and so far the only thing that keeps it at bay is Calmoseptine and water only to clean him- not the most convenient process!! But we just love this baby- he couldn't be more loved and it's so fun to see how much his older brothers completely adore him. 

Ty is officially reading chapter books. I'll catch him all the time carrying around his little book with his Star Wars bookmark sticking out. He especially likes to take his books in the car and read it out loud to the boys. :)

TJ and I got to go to the Provo City Center Temple Dedication by ourselves- Guy and Ruth watched them- and it was so nice! The dedication was wonderful and such amazing speakers. I loved the story one of them told about the 14 year old pioneer girl named Mary. There's a painting of her gathering berries in the temple and it'll be so neat to think of that when we see it. It was also interesting because the stake center that we went to had the sacrament after the dedication was over. I had never been to one like that and it was really memorable because it was so unique. 
We really are so thankful to have such supportive family close by and grandparents that love these boys so much.

The past two weeks has been so stressful/exciting/unsure as TJ had an interview with Revere Health here in Utah County for an Administrator in Training position. So many life decision to make and lots of adulting. Not sure of what's to come but hopefully this weekend will tell! Things are good and we're looking forward to the future and what it'll bring! 

P.S. Costco carts are the best. Seriously- where else can you fit all 4 kids, get samples and a good workout from pushing this thing all loaded up and then feed everyone dinner for a few bucks??  

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