Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Easter Eggs

Dying easter eggs was quite entertaining this year. Ty and Levi loved it and took it very seriously, of course, but it was Shaddie that cracked me up. He dyed all 12 of his eggs yellow in like 5 minutes and as soon as they were all his "yellow eggs" he started eating them- shells and all! I enjoyed listening to the crunching sound so much I didn't even stop him. It was pretty amusing! He loved it and acted like it was completely normal.

Ty was SO excited for his Star Wars dying kit, Levi had Avengers and Shaddie had Paw Patrol. This was a VERY serious decision to make and they debated for days which one they wanted and who got what. :)

Shaddie 2 years old
Benson- 2 1/2 months old

Shaddie has to carry around his "yellows"- meaning any of the yellow IKEA bowl, plate, utensils- all day long!! And he refuses to eat off anything else as well. 

This past weekend was a big deal for Ty- he FINALLY got to see a REAL Star Wars movie!! And "not the netflix kid kind- the grown up one that Mom watched when she was little!" That's what he explained to people. :) For some reason, he has loved Star Wars for the past year or so and knows all the characters names and plot of the movie. I'm not even entirely sure how- I assume that his friends at school talk about and we read the Lego Star Wars book so I guess that's how? Anyways, I was impressed him and Levi watched the entire original movie from start to finish and was glued to the TV! 

Ty's Recent Sayings:

- Every day when I drop the boys off at school, I look through the door as I drive away and I can see Ty hug and kiss Levi on the cheek before he sends him to his classroom. The teachers all comment on it :) They also have to hold hands as they wait for me to pull up. 

- Ty was teaching him about his math homework and when Levi answered correctly Ty said, "You're getting it Levi! I'm so proud of you!" Haha.

Their first time playing Monopoly! 
Obviously, this weekend was a "big kid" weekend with this game and Star Wars movie :). I can remember many Sundays playing Monopoly with my dad and brothers so watching this made me smile!

Levi's Recent Sayings:

- "The best thing that I like when Benson is the cutest is when he's looking out the window."

- Levi came up to looking so sad and when I asked him what was wrong, he looked up with the saddest look and said, "Mom, I just wish I had 3 arms."

- I was taking a shower and called out to Levi to ask if Shad was okay. When he answered yes I asked Levi what was he doing and Levi replied, "just having fun."

- "Mom- I love to swim because it makes me cool."

- We were driving and I muttered out loud to a car that took my parking spot, "I was there first!" and Levi said, "What Mom? Ty doesn't' have burps?"

- Talking to Shaddie about getting run over by cars and he says, "I just don't want to be flattened. That would not be fun!"

- "If I were in a jet, I'd look out the window and say YIKES! That's a steep drop! I'm never leaving this!"

- Talking about Benson, "Look! He's using his claws to hold my finger."

- It just always makes me smile when he answers with "great" or "sure" when I ask him how he's doing or if he wants to do something instead of the usual "good" or "yes."

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