Thursday, March 3, 2016

Benson's Blessing Day

Benson Holland Hendriksen was blessed by his dad on Sunday February 28, 2016 in the North Lake 4th Ward in the Lehi South Stake in Lehi, Utah. 

TJ gave a sweet blessing that I was so touched by. The main points that he said was that Benson would have a "positive influence for good in the world", blessed him with good health, that his mom and dad love him very much but (and this is the part I loved) especially his mom and that he should counsel with his mother and seek her guidance, and that he'd marry in a daughter of God in the temple.  I have never heard a blessing where it was so specific in regards to the mother and the specific love and bond they'd share. It makes me wonder if maybe me and him will have a special connection or bond?? Who knows but I loved his blessing. 

It was so wonderful having so much family there for it! My entire immediate family was there (Devin, Teddi, Beau and Gigi flew up for the weekend), my Allen grandparents, Guy and Ruth, Ginger, Lawson, Cade (Parker was sick so Curtiss stayed home), Linda and Joe. Lexi, Hector and their kids were there as well as KiLeigh and her kids. It was a challenge saving so many seats and it was awesome to fill up all the rows we saved. We also stayed all three hours which I liked. Kenny and Janalee and their boys were passing through so they stopped by on their way down to St. George. We really are so extremely blessed to have such wonderful, supportive family on both sides. Afterwards we had navajo tacos for dinner with green chili and fry bread with this amazing butter, honey, marshmallow mixture that tasted divine. It was a way good dinner and with so many people helping it was super easy to put on. 
It was also so fun to have Devin and Teddi and the girls stay at our house. We don't get to see them as much as we'd like so it was such a treat having them here. 

It's not very often that all 8 of us siblings are together so it really was so enjoyable. We played games, ate out and just hung out and talked. Us women got all the grandkids' pictures taken at Camera Shy and then took them to Chick-fil-A after. All weekend we played a way fun game on our phones called Psych- we laughed and laughed. All weekend we kept referring to Punnjab, Megan and a ton of other inside jokes from this iphone game put out by Ellen :) Friday night we ordered Thai food but the guys went to the wrong Thai restaurant which ended up being pretty funny. The guys also raved about this Mango sticky rice dessert and it wasn't good at all. Oh another funny thing that happened- at Malawi's Pizza I made sure to bring home two boxes of pizza to TJ since he volunteered to stay home to work on his Sunday lesson while Shad and Beau slept. On the way out and walking to the car, a big gust of wind came and blew the top box of dessert pizza out of my hand and all over my van windshield! It was crazy! Sterling proceeded to eat the fruit that was stuck on the windshield while I grabbed the breadstick and anything else that seemed edible still. Just fun memories. :)

I woke up early Sunday morning so that I'd have tons of time to get ready and organized since church was at 9 am. Benson was in bed with me and so I just rolled him over, tucked him in around a blanket so he felt all snuggled still and hopped in the shower. I do this all the time and he goes right back to sleep. Also as child #4 he cries a lot more than any of my other kids. Just how it goes, poor guy ;) Anyways, normally when he cries I don't rush out of the shower since he's not going to die from crying. Anyways, I was getting close to being done with my shower when I thought I heard him crying. Normally I'd just finish my shower and not worry about it but for some reason I thought I could just be done and immediately turned off the water. It took half a second to realize that his crying wasn't his normal cry and something wasn't right. I rushed out of the shower and saw that he had arched his back and his head was completely under the pillow and heavy blanket! It was a suffocating screaming and I grabbed him as quick as I could and just held him! I couldn't believe it and knew that it was a prompting to get out of the shower now. I was especially grateful for this little guy on his blessing day since it couldn't been his death day! ;) I joke but seriously, it scared me and couldn't been bad. So grateful for Heavenly Father's watchful eye. I'm also convinced that those who have gone before- my Grandma Wengert, Tyrell, Aunt Betsy, Abuelita- are helping me raise my kids by watching over them and guiding me.

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