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Primary, Provo Temple & Circus

Here's a bit of a catch up from the end of January events to the beginning of Feb.

Last week our Primary Presidency got released- definitely mixed emotions! These ladies are so wonderful and I'll miss rubbing shoulders with them so much! I definitely won't miss the late night meetings where we'd stay up until midnight or 1 am... with 230 kids in our primary/nursery it was a huge calling with so much to do! 
I served as 2nd counselor from Feb. 2015- Feb. 2016.
(North Lake 4th Ward- Sisters Emily Roche, Karas Cheesman, me and Lynette Piatt)

Cole holding the babies!

Benson would rather nap here awkwardly hanging off my lap while I fold laundry instead of in the 10 different other, much comfier places he could lay ;)

Two weeks ago we had Hendriksen FHE at our house. We celebrated Mamita and Shad's birthdays. TJ and I had just started Whole30 so it was a little tempting with all the heavenly smelling rolls, cake and ice cream! ;) We started it on Jan. 18th (my second time and TJ's first). 
TJ did a short lesson on Peter when he had to faith to walk on water. We were asking the kids who knew the story before we showed a short video clip and asked Ty first. He paused for a minute thinking and then said, "Well, I have a good idea. Let's just watch the movie first and then ask me." :)

Shad at his 2 year old check up. He's 25 lbs. I weighed Benson at the same time and he was 10.5 lbs at 1 month old. 

 We felt so lucky we got to go to the Provo City Center Temple Open House! Getting tickets were crazy because they went SO fast. It was an absolute gorgeous temple and full of so much history. They definitely preserved that old-fashioned feeling by the structure, decoration and format inside. I felt like I was in a fancy, old victorian mansion. The boys were so excited to go and super reverent inside. I was impressed and hopefully they could feel the Spirit and understand a tiny bit of the significance there.
I had never been inside the building before but I knew my parents had when they were students at BYU. I just remember quite well when it caught fire in 2010 since we were living right in Provo and I was working at the hospital. It rocked the entire community. I was working in management on the 3rd floor and went to a huge conference with the firefighters who responded to this fire and learned all about it and it impacted me a lot. Now to see where it's at now- amazing. Can't help but see how symbolic it is spiritually- rising from the ashes and how something so tragic is now magnificent and beautiful, so much better than before. 
I love these pictures except for how post-partumy I look!!! Blah. Good thing Benson is so worth it!! 

First smiles- 6 weeks old. So hard to catch it! He seems much more alert and responsive to my voice at 6 weeks than my other boys. They were all around 8 weeks old when I got their first smile out. He's such a sweet baby and I just can't get enough of him!! Last night TJ and I went to the temple together while Guy and Ruth baby-sat. It was so weird how Benson and I are together 24/7 yet as I sat there for two hours in the temple, all I wanted was to hold him and kept thinking about how much I missed him! ;)

"Mom! Take a picture of our slippers because we're all superhero slipper boys!!"

Molly was asleep like this the other night- halfway off her dog bed, tongue out (of course) and lying on a cord. 

TJ and I have really gotten into our Whole30- we've eaten such good meals!!! Last Sunday we made steak with shrimp, sauteed in ghee, sweet potato hash cooked in avocado oil, homemade guacamole, and a salad with homemade chipotle chili mayo sauce. SO delicious!! As of today we are on Day 20!! 

I find Ty reading to Levi all the time- as in reading all the words correctly and the entire book. Levi is also reading a ton now too- I'm really surprised by that one. We're getting ready for Ty's re-evaluation of his IEP and yesterday he had his testing by the (local school district's ) school psychologist. He scored his IQ level at 108 (average is 90-110) and within the problem solving section he scored 111. The psychologist didn't even know Ty was on the spectrum and was quite shocked. Made me feel good.

My usual day- Benson wanted to be held and Shad climbing up on counters, getting into everything!! This past week though, Benson hit 6 weeks and I was able to go back to the gym!!! It's been WONDERFUL and I've missed it so bad! The girls there take such good care of Benson and it's amazing how we just work it into our busy schedule. 

Out of the past 6 nights, 3 of them Benson has slept from 9:30 pm to 1:30 am and then woke up at 4 am- only TWO feedings!! It's been amazing!! I feel like a new person! Hopefully he keeps this up and this becomes a new schedule. 
I feel like it's taken a good 6 weeks to get used to having 4 kids and feeling confident that I can DO this! At first I was definitely blown away and overwhelmed.  I haven't felt that way since Ty and Levi were babies. But now I can honestly say that it's so good- it's become the new norm and Benson is on a somewhat predictable schedule now, which helps.  He's less fussy and wanting to be held and I feel like I've figured him out. I've now adapted and just figure out when/how to feed him in between dropping kids off at school, picking them up, going to the gym, grocery shopping, errands, sport practices, homework, teaching piano, church meetings, and bedtime routine. For the most part, he's a little trooper and just goes with the flow!

My neighbor, Kelby, had her twins last week- Harper who was 6 lbs and Finn who was 7.8 lbs! And Kelby is a tiny person- no wonder she was measuring 48 cm!! I felt like I've been involved with the entire pregnancy since our kids play back and forth so much so it's been fun to finally see them here! It's definitely helped my own perspective of having 4 kids now since I CANNOT imagine twins- two of Benson!! It would be 10x harder. They now have 5 kids under 6 with Penny being only 18 months. So crazy! 

We WON free tickets to the Circus from UtahAdventureFamily's blog! The boys were so excited to go. TJ had work/school so I invited my mission friend, Sarah Chapman and her son Parker to meet us there. Levi was in love with the tigers there, of course. The boys were so well behaved and I was surprised Shad sat there in his chair the whole time and clapped and yelled along with the other kids. It was cute- he really is not a baby anymore. 
I wondered if I could handle all 4 kids by myself but it worked out just fine and I was glad I just did it. It's always a little crazy when we get home late from something and trying to get all the kids fed, bathed, pajamas, teeth brushed, books read and in bed but I'm getting the hang of it more and more. Benson does great with his bottle propped more and more and that's a life saver!! I'm also down to pumping about 3-4 times a day and am always one bottle ahead so that helps tons too.

6 weeks old with a look all of his own!!

The boys really wanted to take a picture together because they were "Nike boys!" Ty said all they needed was Nike underwear and then everything they had on would be Nike. ;)

Ty's Recent Sayings:

- "There's like 6 or 5 steps to get milk. First, the cow eats the grass. Then the farmer pushes on the cow's special part to get the milk out. Then they take it to the milk truck and then they take it to the store. Then we take it home to drink!"
- "Mom! Lincoln, at school, was watching Mr. Grinch and he was like freaking out!"
- Ty is so literal. We were doing homework in the car and every time it said the word 'home' on his homework he had to cross it out and replace it with car. Then at the bottom he wrote, "I am doing my homework in my car" so his teacher would know. :)

Levi's Recent Sayings:

- When he almost fell off the bed, "Whoa!! I just saved my own life!"
- "Hey! We went there before- it's the grape restaurant! It's called Oliva Garden."
- "Mom, look. I have crumbs in my eyes." (crusty eyes in the morning).
- We drove by a dead skunk on the road. "Skunks can't go to heaven. Jesus will smell them." I told him all animals go to heaven. He was in disbelief and said, "I didn't know Jesus loves skunks??!!"
- Showing him a Christmas dog dress, "Oh!! That is adorable!!"
- "Yay!! Mom can bend over now!!! There's no baby inside but her stomach is still a little bit big."
- Shad and Levi were crying. TJ went downstairs and asked what happened. Ty said that Levi called Shad a bad name. TJ asked Levi what he called him. With huge tears rolling down his face, he replied remorsefully, "Pajama Boy."

Benson has started to really like his carseat. When he's tired and just needs to get to sleep and we're trying to get out the door and crying, I'll just put him in and swing him on my arm and that does the trick. But it has to be moving somehow. The same thing applies to the van- if he's awake and trying to sleep, the car cannot stop!! Must keep moving... I can even do it (swing the carseat on my arm) while getting ready in the morning- mascara, brushing hair, you name it! Maybe when I'm not so post-partum-like I'll take a mirror pic of it ;)

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