Monday, February 15, 2016

Marvel Universe Live

TJ took the three older boys to the Marvel Universe Live production in downtown SLC- they had a BLAST and TJ actually said he really enjoyed it too. I guess it was quite the production complete with all the superheroes riding motorcycles, doing stunts and a whole storyline with a lot of the bad guys. They even got popcorn there- whoa! Big deal! It was a fun little date they got to go on with TJ since I found discount tickets. I was going to keep Shad home but he wanted to go so bad and TJ wanted to take him so he ended up going. TJ said he was really glad he took him because he was in heaven being with the older boys and sat perfect on TJ's lap the entire time. He wore his Iron Man costume the next day- he LOVES Iron Man! Ty and Levi both said that it was the best day EVER!

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