Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Benson's birth announcements :)

Levi's Itty Bitty Basketball pictures- it's really fun watching him do these itty bitty camps. He gets SO into it and thinks he's a 'real' basketball player. 

TJ and I finished up a round of Whole30. This was my second time and TJ's first. I was shocked at how much easier it was this second time around, plus it was much more fun to do it with someone. TJ and I cooked some way good meals- some which I know we'll want to make again even not being on whole30. This is what most of our meals looked like. Since I was doing it with TJ I made a lot more meals whereas last time I think I snacked more. Eating full meals made it much easier and I enjoyed it more. The only thing that I've really missed is bread. I didn't loose as much weight as I hoped I would, only 7 lbs, but I definitely lost a lot of inches and went down two pant sizes. It's hard when I have so much more to go but it's definitely a good start. TJ lost 9 lbs! The best part is that I can wear my wedding ring again!! Yahoo!!!

Can you tell Benson is child #4?
Poor guy is always having his bottle propped!! I pump 4 times a day and nurse him at night. It helps so much always having one bottle ahead and makes it so I can do two things at once. I never go far and always have my eye on him so it works. It works because this little guy is kind of a needy baby!! He always wants to be held and has to be rocked to sleep throughout the day unless he's in his carseat. He is getting better but I've just decided I don't have easy babies. And I'm okay with that! :) Sure love this little guy!

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