Tuesday, January 5, 2016


On Dec. 28th, TJ had surgery on his eye to remove a pterygium, which is a benign growth on the conjunctiva. He's had it for a few years and it was starting to grow so it needed to be removed. It actually was a tender mercy that he was able to get the surgery done since we had met our deductible for the year and it'd only cost $100 (verses $3,000). At first they told us there was no way they could fit him in and had him scheduled for the middle of January. TJ sent out a text to our families asking if everyone could pray that somehow we could get it done in Dec. I thought there was no way possible that it could happen since we had talked back and forth to the doctor's office and it seemed completely out of our control. TJ's mom, with absolute confidence and zero doubt, told him it would happen. We both thought it was a nice gesture and admirable faith but no way possible. Well, low and behold, we were humbled and got a call a few days later that they were able to fit us in! I was very grateful to Ruth for her unwavering faith in something so trivial and simple. 

He's been a pirate for a few days with his eye patch and the nurses sent him home with stickers on it since they knew we had little kids at home.

TJ took the last two full weeks off in December to help with Benson and have his surgery. It was SO wonderful to have him home but a little weird too! We weren't used to having him around so much. We'd take turn taking naps since his eye was recovering and painful. I slept in every day and it was great!
Shaddie especially loved it since he had hard time adjusting and was wary of what Mom was doing with the new baby. He just clung to TJ and they became best buddies. It's going to be a hard transition for the little guy when work and school start up again next week. This week my mom is here so Shaddie is still getting lots of attention and spoiled. 

Benson's first bath at 6 days old! The older boys were so excited to help and glad when "the weird, gross thing" came off. They kept saying in a high squeaky voice, "Oh he's just SO cute!!"


With TJ home it was so nice to just go with Benson to his newborn pictures. We spent 4 hours there!! I'm so excited to get them back- I really think we got some good ones.

Gigi Wengert
Born Wednesday December 30, 2015
3:16 pm
7 lbs, 2 oz
20 inches long

Devin and Teddi had their baby and it was another girl!! I was so excited and happy for them and wanted to be there at the hospital so bad!! Gigi looks exactly like Beau- they both have the huge eyes and big mouth- so beautiful! I can't wait to meet her!

We laugh with this picture of Benson and Gigi side by side- Bens looks Chinese next to her!! :)

After about a week and a half, Shaddie finally decided that the baby wasn't a threat and that he could actually look at him. Soon he wanted to hold him for the first time and now he comes running to give him a kiss. It's pretty cute and glad that the resentment and disinterest in the new baby hardly lasted long at all!!!

FOUR BOYS in a bath!!!

I think this is going to be my life for the next 20+ years- all my boys watching football together! Ty gets so excited to see who's playing and honestly watches it for long periods of time. Shad just yells "football!" as loud as he can and likes to hang out with Ty. 

Matching shirts but no smiles!
Exactly 23 months apart.

New Years was pretty low key for us. TJ and I didn't make it until midnight but I was up every hour after that, ha! On New Years Day we went over to Guy and Ruth's for the white elephant party. The boys played outside in the snow and went sledding, which they loved. 

New Years night, Levi had taken a long nap during the day so by the time we got home and all the other boys were asleep, Lev was wide awake! It was fun to hang out with him for some one on one time with me and TJ. He's a funny kid!

I always love getting Christmas cards from so many dear friends and family! The kids loved looking at them everyday too so thanks to all who sent them!

Poor Benson waiting to be circumcised! He did really well though- tough kid!

- Two Weeks Old -
Weight: 8 lbs, 2 oz = 38th percentile
Length: 21 inches = 73rd percentile
Head Circ: 14.4 inches = 80th percentile

I was so surprised by his weight! After his last weigh check on Christmas Eve, the doctors were hoping he'd reach 7 lbs, 10 oz by his two week appointment and he totally surpassed it- yessss!!

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