Saturday, January 23, 2016

Nemo Birthday Party

We had cake and ice cream with a few family members just to celebrate Shad's birthday on Friday January 22. I had a box of Nemo decorations that were on clearance from a year ago and he beyond excited for his "Nemo burday". We love living close to family and so nice for their love and support in everything we do! 
Shaddie was a little grumpy before the party but during it he was as sweet as could be- when we'd tell him who the present was for, he'd hand the present to them instead of opening it. Then when everyone was leaving, he'd give them a hug and tell them Happy Birthday. It was pretty cute. He was so serious as we were singing happy birthday to him and blew out the candles perfectly. 

 Ty reading Shaddie's new Paw Patrol books to everyone :)
Look who accidentally showed up wearing the same shirts!!

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