Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Just January

Ruth's birthday was last week and she spent the evening at our house, helping me bath kids and do the whole bedtime routine since it was TJ's first night back to school. It was so nice and thoughtful of her, even though I assured her I could do it. We made her a birthday cake to make up for the lameness of spending it at our crazy house! 

This little guy is getting so alert and awake! He's starting to get his own little funny look :) He's just so sweet- the boys adore him.

How Shaddie likes to carry around his "Iron Man Bear." Every superhero is called Iron Man, according to him. 

Ty was in charge of the activity for FHE. He found a story about Peter and Cornelius from the Friend and prepared it all- I was pretty impressed!

Last weekend, TJ told the boys they could stay up a little later to watch the first quarter of a football game. They were SO excited and couldn't wait. They read books until the game started and not one of them made it to kick off :)

Ty is so into watching sports lately. He loves it and genuinely can't wait for a game to come on. He especially likes to watch basketball. Last weekend I gave him the choice to stay up and watch the game for 15 minutes or come read books with the rest of us (he loves reading books) and he chose to watch the game. When I came downstairs he had fallen asleep like this. Not a bad set up!

TJ and I started Whole30 on Monday Feb. 18th!! Obviously, I have a lot of weight to loose and TJ gained some weight from the holidays that he wants to get rid of. I'm excited that he's doing it with me this time!!! Last time I did it was June of 2014 and I was about 5 months postpartum and lost 12 lbs in 30 days. Right now I have about 30 lbs to get off so we'll see what happens. It feels great so far and I'm wondering if this time around it'll be easier?? 
A necessary trip to Trader Joe's had to happen in order for us to start so I loaded these guys up to make the trip up north (they seriously need one in Utah County!!), crossing my fingers I wasn't too crazy and we'd all survive. It actually was a pretty decent trip- Benson slept the whole time and these guys were pretty good since they loved the mini carts. I felt like a momma duck with my little ducklings following me since they had to go in a line like this the entire time, complete with Levi hitting my heel with his cart every few minutes. And all the comments people made too- such a strange thing. Since Benson has come, it's as if my children have tripled or something. People are shocked and can't stop staring. I don't get it. At all.

 It's only been a month and already I have gotten the following comments over and over:
"Are they all yours?"
"Do you need help?"
"Wow, you have your hands full."
(and of course),
"Are they all BOYS??"
I hear that one the most.

It's very strange because we live in baby capital of the world and tons of people have 4 kids or more. I'm hoping it's just because Benson is so little??? It'll wear off in time?? We were in Costco and I was carrying Benson with the other 3 in the cart, pulling it with my other hand and- I counted- 9 different people stopped to ask if I needed help, combined with one of the above comments. Then another lady in the food court asked to take our picture so she could post about it. And she really did take the pic. So crazy. 

Anyways, I'm glad we're so entertaining to people wherever we go. I guess??

Kevin Hortin, in our ward, found this picture! TJ is right in the middle, Kevin is bottom left, Ginger is kneeling next to the goalie, Jorge (their cousin) is next to Ging, and their Uncle Jorge is the coach. So cute!

Shaddie is very excited about his Nemo birthday and tells us that's when he'll be TWO! I just love Etsy and the cute things you can have made for a few bucks!

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