Sunday, January 10, 2016

Grandma and Jordy's visit

Last week my mom came out to stay for about 5 days to help with Benson's birth. Since TJ took the last two weeks off in December there was no point in having two helpers overlap so I asked if she'd come out the first week in January, when TJ went back to work and the boys started back up at school and the normal routine. Since USU is getting ready to start again so Jordan just came up with my mom and went up to Logan later in the week. 
It was SOOO great having them both here!! They completely took over everything and were so good to the boys- spoiled them TONS! They woke up early and did all their dailies and got them off to school. Then everyday after school they went to McDonalds, Wendys or Chick fil A for lunch. They also celebrated Shad's upcoming birthday and he got to pick a present at Target one day and Build a Bear the next! He LOVED the one on one attention from both of them when Ty and Levi were at school. My mom said at Build a Bear he kept hugging their legs and saying thank you over and over again :) They got to wear whatever clothes they wanted (so Shaddie wore jammies every day for 3 days straight), no gel and wear hats everyday. 
After they left, Ty wanted me to go easy on him with piano like Grandma, Levi wanted Chick fil A for lunch everyday and Shad only wanted to wear pajamas- it was rough for them going back to reality! Not sure who missed them more- me or the boys!!

2 weeks old

Levi started Itty Bitty Basketball last week and loves it. I love how Utah county offers so many activities for young kids. He was so excited to be on the Utah Jazz team and LOVES going each week.

Last Thursday was our first real day on my own with the 4 kids. It's actually kinda nice to be back in our routine and normal life even though it was a busy day with school, basketball, me teaching piano lessons and Ty's speech. I even nursed him during piano, even while playing the teacher duets with my students- if that's not multitasking, I don't know what is! ;)

On Friday I texted this to my mom:
"Just had the oil changed in our van- we made such a scene. Shad spilled the free complimentary drinks three times and cried LOUD each time while I was holding Benson, who was crying as well, while I kept trying to clean it up with paper towels from the bathroom. Then I accidentally hit Ty with my diaper bag and he started to cry too. I'm wearing a hat and sweats too so we look ridiculous. This was after I lost the keys while loading the kids in the van after a Target trip and Benson was screaming in hunger. Eventually I found the keys at the bottom of Benson's car seat, who was sitting on them."

Crazy bed head!!

The boys and I had fun dressing Benson up in the Build a Bear hulk costume- he wasn't amused.

3 weeks old
Benson is definitely my biggest baby so far. I think I'll have to put away the newborn clothes this week! Normally my other kids wear them for another two weeks. He's still mixed up with days and nights but last night was the first time he didn't stay awake for 2 hours after feeding which was nice. I don't mind waking up every 2 hours to feed- it's just when he stays awake and hangs out that's hard. Two hours of Forensic Files on Netflix gets a little old. :) Hopefully he gets the hang of sleeping soon!! He had a rough time after his circumcision and was pretty fussy. But he's over that now and is doing better. We sure love this guy and can't imagine life without him. Funny how that always happens. Now three kids seems like a piece of cake! We love our Bens!

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