Sunday, January 10, 2016

2 year old pictures

Shad-  2 year old pictures

There was a way good deal going on at Camera Shy in Lehi for the month of January and I wanted to get Shad's done this month since he's turning two next week but I didn't want a million pictures of just Shad. I love the kid and all but all I really needed were just a few good ones of him smiling. I'll even settle for just one good smiling one- two year olds are tricky!!  So I decided to divide and conquer- take two of the boys now and the next two boys in a few months to finish up our yearly birthday pictures. Since I'd be getting Ty's pictures done in March or April anyways, I just did his 6 year old pictures along with Shad's 2 year old pics. After I saw how good they turned out I kinda wished I had just done all 4 boys but I felt like we just did that with Benson's newborn pictures. So for now we just have a bunch of Ty and Shaddie together- kinda random but I'll take Levi and Benson back soon and I'll just have to place them right next to each other to get the full effect of all the kids together :)

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The Allen Family said...

I just have to say how much I adore those pictures!! The ones of them together especially, but really all of them. They seriously made me smile so big. What cute boys!!