Saturday, January 23, 2016

Newborn Pictures

Ty- 5 1/2 years old
Levi- 4 1/2 years old
Shad- 23 months
Benson- 9 days old

Nemo Birthday Party

We had cake and ice cream with a few family members just to celebrate Shad's birthday on Friday January 22. I had a box of Nemo decorations that were on clearance from a year ago and he beyond excited for his "Nemo burday". We love living close to family and so nice for their love and support in everything we do! 
Shaddie was a little grumpy before the party but during it he was as sweet as could be- when we'd tell him who the present was for, he'd hand the present to them instead of opening it. Then when everyone was leaving, he'd give them a hug and tell them Happy Birthday. It was pretty cute. He was so serious as we were singing happy birthday to him and blew out the candles perfectly. 

 Ty reading Shaddie's new Paw Patrol books to everyone :)
Look who accidentally showed up wearing the same shirts!!

Shad's Birthday

Shad turned 2 on January 21st! Since it was a school day and his party was the following day, we just did a few things throughout the day to celebrate. I'm not sure how much he understood but he was sure excited and kept telling everyone a jumble of words with "two" and "nemo birthday" in it. He was proud of his birthday shirt too. 

After picking the boys up from school, we headed to the University Mall where he got to pick out Chase from Build a Bear, lunch at Chick fil A, and later that night they got to watch Finding Nemo before bedtime- yes, on a school night, gasp!- so it was a big deal! The older boys were SO excited for Shaddie- it was pretty cute.

KiLeigh was in town so it was fun to stop by and see her and the kids. 
Shad seriously copies everything these older boys do. This was at Levi's speech and Ty had put his Iron Man bear under his seat, got a book and was reading it quietly out loud. Shad did the same exact thing, mumbling words. :)

Poor Benson already has his bottle propped! I've been pumping and using the bottle a lot lately since it's easier when we're out and about. You can definitely tell he's bottom of the totem pole, 4th kid status!

My grandma had some health problems the end of last year so she had her annual Christmas party for the kids/grandkids in Utah last week. She gave each of us an envelope with $10 in it to do some sort of service, write a note and mail it back. We decided to use it to get a good meal for a homeless person. We found a guy on the side of the road at a stoplight and after explaining about homeless and being poor, the boys just sat there staring at the guy, with their mouths opened wide. The guy was super nice and friendly and waving, smiling at them. The boys kept asking what his sign said and it was awkward because we were literally, right next to him and I was trying to read the sign but not stare at him too. Anyways, we decided he was going to be "our homeless guy" that we wanted to do service for- the boys were so excited. We went to Arby's and then all crossed our fingers for a red light so we could give the food to "our guy". Luckily, we got the red light and rolled down the window. The guy had the hugest smile on his face and was so happy- he said Arby's was his favorite and thanked the boys so much. He really seemed genuine. After we drove away I started talking about how service makes us all so happy and how the good feeling is the Holy Ghost, and I look up to see Ty wiping tears from his eyes! I was so surprised and touched. It was a really good experience for these boys and they definitely were touched and felt the Spirit. So nice of my grandparents to provide the opportunity for these boys to learn service. When we drove back by on our way home, we saw him eating the food and the boys clapped and cheered. :)

These two are best buddies! Shad is always jumping, climbing, tackling and wrestling Molly. She loves it and doesn't mind it one bit. It's so nice having a good family dog that you don't have to worry about around kids. She drives us crazy but we do love her! I guess the same goes for Shaddie too...

The same day of Shad's birthday, Benson was one month old!! I posted this on Instagram and said, "We survived the first month! Entering the old man, funny-looking, no smiles yet stage but we sure love him! #illgetcuterlater #sosnugglyandsweet" :)
Benson is just starting to sleep in a tiny bit longer stretches at night!! He's been going about every 3 hours instead of 2 and almost always go right back to sleep- yay!!! He seems a lot bigger to me and eats a ton!

Benson and Cade- both one month old and two little old men! ;)

My sweet little niece, Gigi!! Can't wait to meet her next month!!

This kid loves puzzles!!!